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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Intelligence Squared Debates: Video: Debate: The Two-Party System is Making America Ungovernable

Red Brain vs Blue Brain
I read a blog tonight on the socialist blog called The North Star which is also on WordPress and easy to find. About the United States two-party system and that we only officially have a two-party system but that we really have a six party system instead. That the Democratic Party and the Republican Party both essentially have three different political ideological factions in both parties .And I agree with that, but I would put in different terms and perhaps sound less partisan. That instead of the both parties being pro-business capitalist parties which they are, but every developed country in the world has at least two different major pro-business capitalist parties in it. Otherwise they wouldn’t be developed countries. But contrary to what this other blogger said the Democratic Party is not made up of pro-business Democrats, or Neo-Liberals and Progressives. And the Republican Party is not made up of Libertarians, Neoconservatives and essentially bigots. That it’s a lot more complicated than that.

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party, has three different factions in it. And they are primarily together in one large major party out of fear. The fear that if they are not united the other party will have all the power in Washington, DC, Texas, Michigan ,or wherever. And that they agree with each other on enough to keep the party together. But might not even agree with each other on more things than they disagree with each other, but just agree on enough to keep the two parties together. Which could easily change which I’ll argue later, but the Democratic Party even though they are officially the Liberal Party in America and the Republican Party is officially the Conservative Party in America, America is no longer Liberal vs Conservative and perhaps it never was. That what we really are as a country is Left vs Right or Leftist vs Rightist. The Left, being a broad coalition of different political ideological factions and the right being a coalition of several different political ideological factions on the Right.

The Democratic Party a party I’m a proud member of represents the entire Left-Wing in America. Liberals, on the Center-Left where I am the New-Democratic Coalition in the Democratic Party. The lets call it the Bill Clinton wing of the party that Barack Obama today now leads. That saved the Democratic Party twenty years ago and made it once again a governing party that has now won 4-6 presidential elections. But unfortunately from my perspective aren’t the whole Democratic Party. Then we have lets call it the

Progressive/Democratic-Socialist/Social-Democratic/Green Coalition in the Democratic Party. That are basically only Democrats so they can have a major voice in a major leftist party, but are more ideologically comfortable in the Democratic Socialist, or Green Party. And then we have what I call a moderate-liberal coalition in the Democratic Party. Who are Democrats because they are more liberal than conservative, but like to move more slowly when it comes to governing. And have a skepticism about progress and do not like moving quickly and taking hard stands.

Then you have the Republican Party who are actually more interesting to me as both a Democrat and a political blogger. Because not only do they represent the entire Right-Wing in America, from the Center-Right, people who are Classical Conservatives, or Conservative Libertarians, what’s left of the Barry Goldwater coalition in the party. But of course unfortunately from their respective. People who I tend to respect and even friends with some of them, but the GOP also represents the Far-Right, Christian-Theocrats and Neoconservatives who believe America is too free and too Liberal. And they believe need new restrictions on how people live their own lives for the sake of the
country. As well as the Anarcho-Libertarian Coalition the Ron Paul Wing of the GOP.

And even though we officially have two major political parties in America, we essentially have six smaller parties in this country. And a lot of them from the Far-Left to the Far-Right call one of the major parties their home. In the future I’ll write a blog about what I believe should replace the two-party system, a system I believe should be replaced. With something that represents all major political ideological factions in the country.