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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

RT America: Richard Wolff- 'Question Capitalism'

Source: RT America- RT America, is at least partially funded by Vladimir Putin's Russian Federation Government
Source: RT America: Richard Wolff- 'Question Capitalism'

What we see in these Wall Street protests and these so called Take Back America rallies in Washington,  is Democratic Socialists all across the country from several different political parties. The Democratic Party, the Democratic Socialist Party, the Green Party, the so-called Progressive Party, along with some Libertarians. And perhaps a few Liberals, who are fed up ( for lack of a better term ) in what's going on in Corporate America and in how they see what's going on in Corporate America and in how they believe thats affecting our economy right now.

With middle class and low-income workers getting laid off. While Executives are getting raises and bonus's and seeing people making a lot of money on Wall Street. But that wealth not getting down to the rest of the country. As well as large corporations and banks getting bailed out after running their company's in the ground by taxpayers. Actually, by our national debt card that taxpayers not the government gets to pay the bill for. And they see this as anticCapitalism actually, which I give them credit for and call it corporatism. And even though I disagree with their alternative which I'll get to later and they want to transform their movement to the Far-Left's version of what the Tea Party was able to accomplish. And are still accomplishing in 2011 going into 2012.

So-called Progressives ( Socialists, really ) could be able to transform this movement into a political movement. And use this political movement to be able to recruit political candidates in the future that will stand up to what they don't like in the Federal Government and Corporate America. And as I blogged a couple nights ago, if they play this right and look like a diverse group of everyday people just looking to work hard, be productive and make good lives for themselves and not look like thugs, terrorists, anarchists, etc.

The New-Left in America could turn this into a long standing political movement, that could either take over the Democratic Party, which I hope doesn't happen or transform this movement into their own social democratic party. That could challenge Democrats and Republicans in the future. New-Left blogger Jane Hampsher of Fire Dog Lake, made the point on Monday that this movement is better not unified into on organization and I'm not talking about a political party. But a group of social democratic that are all fighting for the same goals with similar policy's. Which is exactly what the Tea Party is for the Right. A group of conservative populist organizations all fighting for the same causes.

I don't like this movement's ideas of what they want to see in the future, I mean I'm not a Socialist. I don't want to see the return of 70-90% tax rates. People have to have incentive to be productive. And giving the Federal Government that doesn't do a very good job of managing it's current budget a much bigger role in our economy as well as lives as far as delivering public services. People have to be able to keep a lot from their productivity, thats one thing what American capitalism is about. But I like what this movement is trying to defeat and hope they are successful.