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Friday, September 16, 2011

Ralph Nader: "This Is A Two Party Dictatorship Unless You're A Billionaire!": Not the case

Ralph Nader has the tendency of of saying things that are very provocative, articulate, correct even. As well as saying crazy things in the same speech or forum making the same point. America is clearly a Two Party System, from my perspective a a Liberal Democrat who will probably die as a democrat and proud to be it. Is a problem in a Liberal Democracy of 310M people where the whole entire Political Spectrum is represented. But where millions of americans aren't represented in American Politics politically, as far as having Leaders who represent their politics. So what we have is the two parties that both have at least three parties represented in them. The Democratic Party is made up of liberals such as myself but also Dick Durbin, John Kerry and Chuck Schumer. All High Ranking Members of the Senate, Dick Durbin being Asst. Leader of the Senate. And then you have Democratic Socialists in the Democratic Party, like Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, the House Progressive Caucus and many others. And of course Moderate Liberals, the Joe Lieberman's of the World who are basically liberals. But tend to me a little more conservative on Foreign Policy. I would call Sen. Lieberman a Neoconservative on Foreign Policy actually. Which is why he's so unpopular in the Democratic Party, but he's pretty liberal on Social Issues and even Economic Policy to a certain extent. And then there's the Republican Party made up of Classical Conservatives or what's left of them, the Rand Paul's of the World, Tom Coburn as well, both US Senators. And of course Neoconservatives the Dick Cheney's of the World and of course the Religious Conservatives, people who I would describe as Christian Theocrats. People like Rick Santorum a current Presidential Candidate and former US Senator. And the Tea Party which is made up of Classical Conservatives, libertarians to a certain extent and theocrats.

Where Ralph Nader is wrong is that America of course is not a Dictatorship, just look at how the White House relates to Congress right now. You have a Democratic White House and a Divided Congress, where neither of the three have enough power to do what they want basically. Except in how to run their own institution, which is why we have gridlock right now, with the White House, House and Senate not being able to work together very well right now. This dictatorship idea is nonsense and just frustrated Political Rhetoric on Mr Nader's part because his point of view on the issues. Is not represented very well in the Federal Government, because he doesn't have a party to represent his side in Washington. And enough members of the Democratic Party to carry out his agenda which I'll talk more about later on. What we have in Washington is two parties that disagree on almost everything and have different policy's for every position. And are so far apart on most issues and where the base of their parties. Hate the either side so much, that they don't want to work with the other party. But its also not in their Political Interest of working together as well.

What I see American as politically as made up of five major Political Factions and two minor Political Factions. The major factions being the liberals that are in the Democratic Party. Conservatives that are in the Republican Party for the most part, libertarians that have their own Libertarian Party. But are also in the Democratic and Republican Parties and I get into more of that later. Socialists that are in the Democratic Party but also in minor Third Parties. Like the Democratic Socialist Party and Green Party and speak more about that later as well. And Independents that are in the Democratic and Republican Parties but are also registered as independent. And the minor Political Factions, being Religious Conservatives and Neoconservatives who are republicans and minor Far Right Third Parties as well.

What we need is Five Party System, where are all of the Political Factions are represented and I'm not talking about a Parliamentary System which is what socialists want. Where basically no one is in charged, but with five major Political Parties where all parties are represented. And then have run offs if necessary if the candidates don't get at least 51% of the vote in the first round of voting. The Democratic Socialists in the Democratic Party and Green Party could move over to the Democratic Socialist Party. The Neoconservatives and Religious Conservatives could leave the Republican Party and form their own party. The Libertarian Party could recruit the Liberal Libertarians in the Democratic Party and the Conservative Libertarians in the Republican Party.

America doesn't need a Parliamentary System but we should scrap the Two Party System and move to a Political System that better represents. America as a whole where all Political Ideology's are represented in this huge vast country of 310M people that most of us are proud to call America.

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