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Friday, March 30, 2012

Guardian Mary Silver: President Franklin D. Roosevelt- Fireside Chat on The Great Depression

This piece was originally posted at FRS FreeStates on WordPress: Guardian Mary Silver: President Franklin D. Roosevelt- Fireside Chat on The Great Depression

The fact that President Franklin Roosevelt was speaking about a recession in America in 1938, is pretty good evidence that five years after becoming President of the United States, that we were still not out of the Great Depression yet. The economy was getting better, but we slipped back into recession in 1936 or 37. We were still looking 20-25% official unemployment. Maybe half of the country living in poverty. By the time the United States got involved in World War II in 1941-42, we were still dealing with the Depression, Recession and high unemployment. And it was really World War II that moved the country to full-recovery from the Great Depression. With all the money that was spent financing our involvement in that War.

What the New Deal deserves credit for, is establishing a public safety net for the country to could turn to, when they are unemployed. Or don’t have a large enough retirement account, to protect people’s savings in banks. And the New Deal did put some unemployed workers back to work through infrastructure investment. But the Great Depression was so deep which is why it was labeled the Great Depression. With so many people losing all of their money and jobs at the same time. With so many banks and business’s all failing at once. What the New Deal did was help sustain the country through the Great Depression. So things couldn’t get worse, but it didn’t bring us out of it.

It was World War II that brought the United States out of the Great Depression. And back to prosperity and an economic power, as well as a world power. Where we’ve remained ever since. With the millions of people it employed, either in the Defense Department, or working with private contractors that did business with DOD. Making all of our equipment and the American auto industry did very well during World War II making all of those tanks And President Roosevelt deserves a lot of credit for this as well. The New Deal, served as a buffer from the Great Depression. Put in the floor that the American economy could cash on and buy it time to recover. But it didn’t get us out of it and back to full-recovery.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Nation: Opinion: David Cole: Why President Obama’s Healthcare Law is Constitutional

The Nation: Opinion: David Cole: Why President Obama’s Healthcare Law is Constitutional

Fareed Zakaria who’s a foreign affairs analyst for CNN. But who also host a Sunday talk show, Global Public Square. That does cover a lot of issues that relate to foreign affairs. But who’s show covers other issues. And who’s someone I respect a lot, hosted a documentary last Sunday night. A week ago from yesterday about healthcare reform. Healthcare in America and Healthcare around the World. Looking at what we do and what other countries do as well in healthcare. Was asked by Wolf Blitzer a couple of weeks ago, right before his documentary aired on CNN. Whether he believes the Affordable Care Act is constitutional or not. Which Mr. Zakaria replied, “I don’t know that’s above my pay grade”. But that its essential to Healthcare Reform whether its constitutional or not. For us to be able to bring down our healthcare costs. Which is my position and I’ll explain why.

For us to bring down our healthcare costs, we have to be able to cover everybody. With either health insurance, a health savings account or people pay out-of-pocket. Or a package of all three of these things. As long we are all covering our share of our healthcare costs. And don’t past our healthcare costs on to others. Who pay for their healthcare, that’s one way we’ll be able to bring down healthcare premiums. And stop people from going to the emergency room every time they need healthcare. No matter what it’s for we have to end uncompensated healthcare in America. To bring down our healthcare costs or we are not going to be able to do that. And our costs will continue to rise.

I believe the Affordable Care Act is constitutional and again I’m not a lawyer. But I believe its constitutional for two reasons. Again whether you support the ACA or not and I would’ve voted for it. You gotta admit it’s a badly flawed law and badly written. Had they labeled the individual mandate a tax, instead of a penalty. Which it acts as a tax based on how its written, it’s just not called a tax. Then the constitutionality of it would not be a question. Also had they put in a prevision in it, that would allow the Supreme Court to overturn it. But cherry pick it, meaning throw out what they believe is unconstitutional but leave in the rest. Then whether the individual mandate is constitutional or not. Most of the rest of the law would be rule constitutional.

Most of the Affordable Care Act is constitutional, why because the Federal Government. Clearly has the authority to regulate interstate commerce and clearly has the constitutional authority. To assists its citizens that need help, like paying for their healthcare. And the Federal Government clearly has constitutional authority to tax its citizens. The main reasons why the ACA is at risk of being thrown out by the Supreme Court. Is because its a badly written bill, even the parts of it that are clearly Constitutional.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Salon: Opinion: Alex Pareene: Rick Santorum, "Liberal Penn State Punished Me For Being Conservative": The Anti-Conservative Big Government Republican

Salon: Opinion: Alex Pareene: Rick Santorum, "Liberal Penn State Punished Me For Being Conservative"

This post was originally posted at FRS FreeStates on WordPress

If Rick Santorum is a Conservative, then Ron Paul is a Socialist and Ron Reagan was a Communist. Oh by the way I’m Santa Clause, right now its 100 degrees in Boston. And its snowing in Houston and before you take any of that seriously, keep in mind right now its March. And you want to know why Rick Santorum is not a Conservative, I’ll tell you anyway.

Conservatism in a political sense, forget about religion right now, but in a political sense conservatism is about conserving individual liberty. Not subtracting individual liberty or conserving a way of life from the 1950s and never modernizing. And its about limited government, especially the Federal Government, spending no more than you take in and always try to spend less than that. And devolving power back to the states and to the people. And a foreign policy that’s very limited and based around only protecting national security interests.

Not about “I and people who ally with me, no best how free adult Americans should live their lives. And if you don’t take our friendly advice on how you should live your own life, even though we have no idea who you are, we’ll get our friendly advice passed through law. And then if you don’t comply on how we believe you should live your individual lives, we’ll arrest you for your own good for living an immoral life. Even if your lifestyle is not hurting anyone else with how you are living”.

On all counts of what conservatism actually is from a political sense, fiscally and socially especially Rick Santorum doesn’t qualify as a Conservative. Not on social issues, fiscal policy or foreign policy. He has a record as a borrow and spender, porker, empowering the Federal Government. In his sixteen years in Congress, on social issues, he has a record of wanting to outlaw things that are currently legal. Limiting our social liberty and has even added to that in his presidential campaign, coming out in favor of a constitutional amendment to empower the Federal Government to define marriage.

Nothing Conservative about that and what happened to States Rights? The distinguished Senator is also in favor of outlawing pornography, gambling and birth control. On Foreign Policy voting for preventive war, hard to see either Barry Goldwater or Ron Reagan voting for the 2nd War in Iraq. So in a political sense Rick Santorum doesn’t qualify as a Conservative and never has. He meets the qualifications of a religious or neoconservative. But those are different from conservatism and on the Far-Right, where Senator Santorum is in American politics.

Rick Santorum or perhaps Ricky or Slick Rick, at least when it comes to trying to convince people who know better of his conservative credentials or the serious lack of them, is a big government Republican. A right-wing statist, the ultimate big brother or big government, or better yet Uncle Sam, no real Conservative’s favorite uncle, knows best how free people should live their own lives. I mean if he’s a Conservative the Queen of England eats Burger King whoppers for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. And when Burger King is unavailable, she gets her meals from McDonald’s. And it never rains in Seattle and a lot of nonsense that is simply not believable.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

James Miller Center: Video: FDR Fireside Chat 6: On Government and Capitalism

James Miller Center: Video: FDR Fireside Chat 6: On Government and Capitalism

President Franklin Roosevelt, did not become President of the United States, to destroy American capitalism. As some Conservatives and Libertarians have suggested. But he became President to save it, by changing it. Before 1933, when FDR became President, we were essentially a Libertarian Society. Where we were all on our own and if we needed help, we were basically at the mercy of our families, friends and private charity. Had we had a functioning safety net pre-1933, the Great Depression, which essentially lasted for ten years, wouldn’t of been as bad. Because all of those unemployed workers would’ve had some public assistance. They could count on, I’m not saying this as a fan of the New Deal, because I’m not.

A safety net, should be designed to empower people to get themselves off of public assistance. Not just pay people while they are on public assistance. But if we had a safety net back then and we had an FDIC with the Stock Market Crash and we were regulating Wall Street and Corporate America properly, not trying to run it, we could’ve saved ourselves a lot of pain from the Great Depression. So FDR basically ended up trying to create a safety net while people needed it the most. And creating these programs on the fly. FDR, wasn’t trying to turn America into Russia, with a state economy. But more like Europe, with healthy private and public sectors.

FDR didn’t set out to destroy American capitalism, but to save it. By putting in regulations so irresponsible people in business, wouldn’t be able to destroy the economy again. And lead to another Great Depression. And so people who fall through the cracks, can get help and not end up homeless and on the street.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baltimore Sun: Sports: Peter Schmuck: Lest We Forget, Orioles Have Two Important Question Marks on Offense

Baltimore Sun: Sports: Peter Schmuck: Lest We Forget, Orioles Have Two Important Question Marks on Offense

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal on WordPress

I wish the Orioles only had two questions going into the 2012 season. And then maybe I would feel somewhat optimistic about them. But I see a team that not only doesn’t have a leadoff hitter going into the season, or a cleanup hitter, but doesn’t know if 1B, 2B or, 3B or LF will come through this season either. None of the players at those positions, except for maybe 3B Mark Reynolds are proven Major Leaguers. And that’s just the batting lineup, as far as the players in the field. Who’s going to be the full-time DH, or they even going to have on. The Orioles don’t have a true ace starter or a consistent closer.

C Matt Wieters, SS JJ Hardy RF Nick Markakis, probably the Orioles best all around player. CF Adam Jones are all proven Major Leaguers and could make the All Star team. Its not that the Orioles lack talent, because they have a lot of good young talent. But after their proven players, you go to guys like LF Nolan Reimold and 1B Chris Davis, players that the Orioles are going to depend a lot on, at least at the start of the season. Who have yet to proven they are solid everyday Major Leaguers. They have a lot of young talent on their pitching staff, but again none of them are proven yet.

2012 I’m afraid is going to look like every season since 2007. Where the Orioles look decent on paper with a lot of young talent. Show signs of promise for the future, but where they are buried in dead last place. Because they don’t have enough proven talent to be consistent winners.