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Friday, July 13, 2012

"Is Public Ownership the Solution?": Why State Ownership Socialism is not The Answer

When you are talking about Socialism you should know what you are talking about. Because its not an Economic Policy but a Political Philosophy with an Economic Policy built into it. And Socialism is also a diverse Political Philosophy, there are Socialists that believe in State Ownership and believe there shouldn't be any Private Ownership and Property Rights. That the State and in the United States the Federal Government should be running and owning everything. And there are Socialists and people who I'm friends of who do believe in Capitalism and Private Ownership and even Property Rights. But again the State should have a large role in providing Human Services in America and believe in the Welfare State and high taxes and regulations. And those are the Socialists I tend to respect and there are people who actually define their politics as Socialist Libertarian the Noam Chomsky's of the World. Again I have friends who describe their politics as Socialist Libertarian and then there are Socialists who I would describe as Statists, people who essentially believe. That the State should have a role in protecting people from themselves. Progressives who believe that Hate Speech should be illegal and the State should be able to tell the people what they can eat for their own good, that sorta thing.

The contributions that Socialists have made to American Politics, has to do with the Safety Net. That Capitalism of course is not perfect and people fall through the cracks and need help while they are down. Thats why we have a Safety Net, Socialists have served as a counterweight to Capitalism and Liberal Economics in America and they've made a good contribution there. Its when they try to take it further then that and try to make the case Americans are essentially under taxed, not just the wealthy but the Middle Class as well. And the Federal Government needs more power and revenue to take care of its people, that we don't do a very good of that ourselves. And they talk about things like Socializing the Healthcare Industry or Banking Industry or sometimes even education, that all of these things are national priorities and the Federal Government is in the best position to run them.

You should ask a Socialist to name a large economy in the World thats run and owned by the State, meaning State Ownership of the economy. Because they won't be able to name one, even the Communist Republic of China as I call them has a form of Capitalism now. Better yet name a developed country large or small that has State Ownership of the economy. And you won't be able to name one either because there isn't one, even the Communist Republic of Cuba now has their version of what's called State Capitalism. And the reason for this for people to be successful in life, by in large they have to work for it and earn it. And companies also need competition to be successful in order for them to be as successful, otherwise they'll just stagnate, because of lack of competition. Which is what you get from State Ownership.