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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

RTAmerica: The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann: Roseanne Barr says Nationalize the Banks!: What Progressives Need to be Relevant

For all of the Socialists out there or perhaps people who prefer to call yourselves Progressives. But with strong Socialist, lets say tendencies, you have at least two candidates to choose from. The most well known of the two would be Jill Stein, who I kinda respect from the Green Party and Roseanne Barr of the Justice Party. But either one of them will probably be lucky to get 1% of the vote and even with all of these third party Progressives out there, President Obama is still likely. To get reelected at this point, with North of 50% of the vote and North of 300 Electoral Votes, unless we see some type of game change in the next forty days. Thats just the way it is, which is fine with me, part of that has to do with the monopoly that Democrats and Republicans have. On our Political System, where we really only have two choices as far as who could win the election but part of that is the weakness of the Progressive Movement, not so much at least in this. Case their ideas or members but the fact that they are so spread out and end up taking votes from each other, when what they need instead is one Progressive Party and they could even call it that. Or the Socialist Party, with an ideology thats common in lets say Europe rather then Cuba.

American Progressives have the voice and at least an economic message that can communicate to millions. Of Americans in this country, that could be a factor in American Politics, with an economic message that communicates to Middle Class Americans, that we are here on your side fighting for you and we are not here to take away your business or property but to help you have some. Security in your life and protect you from predators in the economy that would take away everything that you've worked for, we aren't going to take it away from you and we aren't going to let. Predators do it either but we'll protect you from people like this so you can live as successful as a life as you make for yourself and provide a Safety Net for you when you need it. They don't have a party that believes in Economic Progressivism, they don't get that from Democrats anymore. At least the Democratic Leadership and I'm not faulting Democrats for this, we are run by Liberals and Moderate Liberals and we are simply different.

Jill Stein and Roseanne Barr should be running on the same ticket and leading the Progressive/Socialist Party. Or whatever they would call it, rather then competing with each other, to get at best 5% of the vote but since they are running for separate Progressive Parties. They end up taking votes away from each other instead and is something that Progressives need to think about in the future. If they ever want to get into power.

CBS News: Evening News: John Dickerson: Fla. Seniors Shift Support to President Obama

Its not raining down on Mitt Romney right now, he's been caught in a hurricane and is drowning under water. After getting swept under and now he's swimming for his political life.

Salon: GOP nightmare: Confident Americans

GOP nightmare: Confident Americans

A confident America would be bad news for Mitt Romney, because why vote for change, when you are feeling good about things.

AlterNet: Opinion- Valerie Tarico: Why Do the Craziest Religious People Get the Most Attention?

Source:FRS FreeStates- Religious fundamentalism is certainly scary 
Source: AlterNet: Opinion- Valerie Tarico-Why do The Craziest Religious People Get The Most Attention?

Probably the same reason why the craziest Atheists who want to outlaw religion, because they are crazy and don't understand the U.S. Constitution. If you don't want to hear about someone, stop talking about them and you'll hear less. I like this article in the AlterNet, (perhaps the only article I've ever liked by the AlterNet) because Valerie Tarico takes on fundamentalists from all religions. Not just Evangelical Christians, which is what today's so-called Progressives (the Far-Left really) only focus on. "Christian-Conservatives, are evil bigots, because they put down women and gays. Conservative-Muslims, are good decent people, who are simply misunderstood. And when they do and say bad things, it's America's fault." Which is generally the attitude that you get from the Far-Left. Which is what the AlterNet is, a social democratic if not socialist publication on the Far-Left. But with what you get with Valerie Tarico, is religious fundamentalism is bad. Even it comes from non-Anglo-Saxon Protestant males.

If religious fundamentalism and bigotry that comes from religious fundamentalism, is a bad thing like gays aren't real humans, or are mentally handicapped, or women's place is in the home, etc, then religious fundamentalism is bad period. Doesn't matter the religion, the race, ethnicity, or color of the people. If you're going to put down the Christian-Right when one of their members murders a man simply because he thought that guy was gay, because he had a feminine voice and demeanor, then you can't defend that sam behavior when it happens in Saudi Arabia. Where gays are put to death by their own Islamic government. This shouldn't be about race, ethnicity, color, or a specific religion. Unless you're simply bigoted about one race, ethnic, or religious group. To coin a phrase from the great movie about Watergate All The President's Men, "follow the money." Or in this case follow the bigotry. When the Christian-Right behaves badly, sure! Go after them, but when Islamists behave badly, don't call people who criticize that behavior bigots simply for criticizing bad behavior.

Stupid people, unfortunately come in all shapes, sizes, colors, races, ethnicities, religions and genders. Which makes them harder to deal with, because they can hit you at anytime from anyone. No race, ethnicity, religion or gender, has a monopoly on stupidity and bigotry. Which is too bad, because it would be easier to deal with and eliminate. "Hey, now that we know what all stupid look like, lets just focus on them and put the bigoted morons away." You can't do that with a mental disease like stupidity, simply because we don't have enough prison and hospital space to house all of those morons. And given these facts when you just concentrate on the bigots from one religion and race of people, while you ignore the bigots from another religion which just happens to be the largest religion in the world, being Islam, you give away get out of jail free cards to a lot of people. Who are just as bigoted as the Christian-Conservatives you don't like. Which is stupid in itself.
HBO: Real Time With Bill Maher- Fighting Fundamentalism

HLN: Showbiz Tonight- Countdown: 'Best Burnett Ever!'

Source:HLN- From Showbiz Tonight. 
Source:The Daily Journal

"The cast of the "Carol Burnett Show" including Burnett herself countdown the show's best moments on Showbiz Tonight."

From HLN

Source:The Daily Review- The Carol Burnett Show, being honored.
One of the best variety comedy shows of all-time, sort of like a half-hour Saturday Night Live. Speaking of SNL: SNL gets a lot of credit for being such an original variety skit-comedy show that other shows have tried to follow and make their own versions of it. And all of that is true, but Carol Burnett, was essentially the same thing, but came out 6-7 years earlier in the late 1960s, instead of 1975 with SNL and was on CBS instead of NBC. And you could make a case that Carol Burnett herself and her show with his her great cast and writers, inspired shows like Saturday Night Live and later In Living Color, MADD-TV and other skit comedy shows. Because of how good it was, how original it was, the topics it covered. That it wasn't about sending a political, or cultural message, but about making fun of everyday American life.

The Carol Burnett Show, covered and had everything and they weren't about politics at least in the sense they were trying to push some political message. It was simply about entertainment and what was going on in America at the time especially as it related to pop culture. And always looking for the funny side of everything they covered. They mad fun of politicians, movies, TV shows, actors, musicians, weren't worried about political correctness and pleasing everybody. But great comedians who all had similar sense of humors, great chemistry, who liked each other loved working with each other. And in that sense at least it reminds me of Seinfeld and was better than Saturday Night Live, that generally looks at politics from a political slant. Carol Burnett, was simply about making people laugh and doing it in a classy way and having a great time at it.