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Monday, June 18, 2012

Mitt Romney: "I Don't Have A Political Career": A Politician That Can't Admit The Obvious

I don't mean to pick on Mitt Romney, even I've written several Political Satires about him in 2012 alone. And unfortunately I don't think I'm done, the man is addicted to saying ridiculous things, that a man of his intelligence, couldn't possibly take seriously. He simply can't help himself and seems to feel the need to be liked by anyone, who might possibly vote for him. Socialists obviously aren't going to vote for someone who has been as successful as he's been in Corporate America, so the hell with Socialists if you are Mitt Romney. Libertarians aren't going to vote for Mitt Romney, because they can't tell the difference between him and George W. Bush, apparently they haven't seen the IQ tests of both. That would be a pretty big difference but everyone else, thats at least considering voting for Mitt, Mitt feels the need to be loved by them. Oh by the way everyone else, is non Redneck Republicans who don't see Mormonism as a cult, thats basically Economic Conservatives and some Neoconservatives. As well as Independents who've been living in a cave in Afghanistan the last three years and can't tell the differences between Democrats and Republicans. Mitt feels the need to be the most popular guy in school with these people.

The only reason why Mitt Romney hasn't been a Career Politician, at least in the sense of holding Public Offices. Is because he's only been elected once, back in 2002 when the Moderate-Liberal personality of Mitt Romney was running the show, one of Mitt's several alter egos. Economic Conservative but Moderate-Liberal on Social Issues, he might of still been Pro Choice on abortion at this point, thats right Mitt Romney at one point was Pro Choice on abortion. Thats the only way Massachusetts Republicans can get elected Statewide, Massachusetts isn't as Progressive as some people may think. Economic Conservatives can get elected there, if they stay out of peoples personal lives but Neoconservatives can't get elected to Dog Catcher there. But Mitt ran for Senate in 1994 against Senator Ted Kennedy, with basically the same politics he had in 2002, lost of course, got elected Governor in 2002, decided not to run for reelection in 2006. To run for President but also because he probably wouldn't of gotten reelected then. Lost and 2008 and again running for President again in 2012.

The only reason why Mitt Romney isn't a career politician as far as holding offices, because he's lost most of the elections he's ran in. But he's been at least considering running for office since 1993-94 or perhaps even before that, with Senator Kennedy's situation with his nephew. Being on trial for rape back in 1991. Thats twenty years, the best way to describe Mitt Romney is as a Career Campaigner and so far not very successful.