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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Meghan McCain Smokes Weed, Does Cenk?: "A Breath of Fresh Air From a Republican", Is That Possible

Hearing the term a breath of fresh air to describe a Republican, is like hearing about a dog making out with a cat. I gotta double check that and make sure I'm not hearing things or I'm not dreaming or something, it takes a while for something like that to sink in but the more I hear Meghan McCain. Not only do I know she's to the left of her father Senator John McCain on some key Social Issues for my generation and people who are even younger but that she makes sense on some of these things. And when I hear a Republican talk about these things and how big of a waste the War on Drugs is and actually how big of a drag it is on our economy, from the lost of Tax Revenue. From not being able to tax something thats use anyway, people just break the law technically to do it. The lost Tax Revenue in not taxing it and the lost Tax Revenue that could've been spent on things we need in society, like better infrastructure and the amount of money that we have to make up. To make up the difference, the other things we have to tax instead like income and how high we have keep our taxes up, again to make up the difference for not taxing marijuana. Marijuana Legalization makes sense.

Also when I hear a Republican talk about the benefits of legalizing marijuana and making sense about why she believes that it is a good idea, based on the evidence that she's seen. I think to myself where are you Mr. President, how come you couldn't figure this out for yourself or maybe President Obama has already realized the failures of the War on Drugs. But hasn't gotten around to sharing those feelings with the rest of the country, which is how he dealt with Same Sex Marriage as well. Because he's worried about offending Independents, even though half of the country now supports legalizing marijuana. Something thats headed to Colorado, a State where a recent pole has 3-5 Coloradans now supporting Marijuana Legalization and they'll get a chance to vote for that this November. Rhode Island has just moved to decriminalize it, so has New York and Washington State will have it on the ballot as well this year.

A freaking Republican who's suppose to be to the right of President Obama a Democrat, supports legalizing marijuana. But the President is against it, he's too smart to take the position that he has on it, its a waste of time and resources for the Justice Department to close down Medical Marijuana shops, Marijuana use will continue to go on whether its legal or not. The country has a 16T$ debt, I mean plenty of reasons to legalize it, what are the reasons not to legalize it. The same reasons to prohibit alcohol and tobacco, two drugs that are currently legal in America.