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Monday, October 3, 2011

Russia Today: The Aloyna Show- Kevin Zeese- American Spring? Occupy Wall Street Just The Beginning

Source: Russia Today- Kevin Zeese-
Source: Russia Today: The Aloyna Show- Kevin Zeese: Occupy Wall Street- Just The Beginning

Looks to me like Democratic Socialists in America are making it official and that they “are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore”. And their first target is going to be on Wall Street and that they are also going to get help from Libertarians as well. Another political faction that Wall Street is not popular with right now. And that Socialists are looking to start what they call an ‘American Spring’ and have a Socialist Revolution in America. And it looks like the big banks are their first target and getting them closed down.

As well as campaign finance reform. Getting campaign money out of Corporate America and if they have success with this message and this coming week will be a first step, they’ll take their message through 2012 as well. And this will also represent a test for President Obama and the Democratic Leadership in Congress. They’ll have to be very careful in how they play this, without offending this movement. Who’ll they’ll need to reelect President Obama, reelect a Democratic Senate and elect a Democratic majority in the House. Without offending Independent voters who’ll they’ll also need as well to accomplish these things.

The Democratic Leadership has to play this movement right and its a real movement. That’s not only angry with Corporate America, who they are always angry with, but the Republican Party of course, but they are also not very happy with the Democratic Party as well, the democrats not just the President, but Congressional Democrats in both the House and Senate can be facing primary challenges in 2012, which is what a few Congressional Democrats faced in 2010 from this movement.

If the Democratic Socialists in this movement play this right and don’t look like a bunch of thugs and violent protesters, this movement and rally’s could turn into a new political party for them. A new Social Democratic Party, but much larger from the 1940s and before that. Because this new party could be made up of the Democratic Socialist Party, the Green Party and the Democratic Socialists in the Democratic Party like the Progressive Caucus and others. Into one new Progressive Socialist Party, that could include prominent politicians and activists. Like Ralph Nader, Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich.

And prominent political groups like organized labor and others into this brand new Socialist Party. And fight for things like the Fair Deal Agenda, that would be an addition to the New Deal and Great Society. New campaign finance reform, getting corporate money out of politics. New taxes on millionaires and billionaires, single payer health insurance, higher education for all and other things. If Socialists play this movement right as they call an ‘American Spring’, then this could turn into a much larger political movement. That could lead to another political party with real power. That could rip up our two-party system and give us a political system that’s more represented of America. Where all of our voices are well represented.