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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Free Speech TV: Rocky Anderson on Role of Government: The Role of Progressive Presidential Candidates

When I see Rocky Anderson the Justice Party Presidential Nominee, I'm guessing a Political Party that. Believes in Justice, call that a hunch and I'm not sure how that separates them from anyone else and I here Jill Stein the Presidential Nominee for the Green Party and of course the Progressive Party. Has a Presidential Nominee, so does the Democratic Socialist Party and there's I believe the Peace Party with yes Roseanne Barr of all people, its really hard to tell the differences between. Them on really any issue, they are al Social Liberals or at least Civil Libertarians, hopefully, at least from my perspective when it comes to Free Speech as well, not sure about that and. They are all Economic Progressives, believer in expansion when it comes to the Federal Government, at it relates to the economy, of course paid for through Tax Hikes and Defense Cuts. All anti corporate but perhaps pro Small Business and all dovish when it comes to Foreign Policy. Yet they all are running for President for different Progressive Parties, as if they are different voices. Sure they are different people but they all basically have the same message, the Federal Government is too small and not adequately serving its people and that the Feds. Have to do more for its people and so fourth.

When I see these candidates, I'm thinking instead of separating the Progressive Vote, with all the candidates. Going after the same Progressive Vote and what they end up doing is divide and lose not conquer, instead of having one Progressive going after all of the Progressives in the country. Which is what the Libertarians do when it comes to Libertarians, they have one Libertarian going after all of the Libertarians. Instead of several different Libertarian Parties and what I believe Progressives should be doing is having one Progressive competing for the entire Progressive Vote, with. One Progressive Party, whatever the Party is called, instead of Greens, Democratic Socialists, Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson and Roseanne Barr all competing for the same base, have one Progressive. From one party going after all of the Progressives and then go after Independents who are concern about the economy. Costs of healthcare, losing their job, Wall Street not being regulated and so fourth. But thats coming from someone whose not a Progressive, at least as its officially defined but a Liberal Democrat.

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I don't believe Rev. Jesse Jackson gets the credit for being the real Leader that he is