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Monday, February 18, 2013

TruthDig: Crime and Punishment: Chris Hedges: Profiting From Human Misery: The Bad Effects of The Prison Industrial Complex

Chris Hedges: Profiting From Human Misery - Truthdig

Its bad enough that we lockup non violent offenders who really don't represent much if any threat to society. People who are in prison for basically being stupid, independent operators who give a  bad name to independent operators. Who are in prison because they got caught robbing a 7-11 or holding up a taco stand or liquor store who have no real training in how to be a criminal. Least not a successful one and if they only they stayed in school or went back to it they could be successful life. Its bad enough we treat dumb criminals like we treat professional criminals who have to be in prison for the good of society. Or we treat drug users like robbers or something, they broke the law they have to be in prison. Which is exactly why we have two million people in prison in America a country thats suppose to be a. Liberal-Democracy but when you have so many people in prison who don't need to be there because there are. Better ways to deal with offenders like that, that wouldn't harm society but if anything benefit society and they represent half of your prison population if not more. Because these people could be in school and working and paying their own way and so fourth.

We got a Federal Government piling up debt everyday, states having to cut back on education and infrastructure to house their non violent offenders and drug addicts. When this is the case, you know you have a serious problem but thats the only problem. Because we now have an industry thats in the business to make money off of our prison system and works to have more. Laws to put more people away in prison who don't need to be there so they profit over the incarceration of others. Not to do some good deed for tax payers and society as a whole. This is not a post attacking being tough on crime. We have to be tough on professional criminals and people with violent tempers and so fourth. But we have to be smart as well and recognize that not all crimes are the same and not all offenders are the same. Meaning that not all remedies to the same offenders will be effective and some cost a lot more then others.

This is a post against being stupid on crime and saying we shouldn't as a country be as dumb as people who knockoff taco stands and. Convenient stores that we as a country need to be smart on crime when it comes to violent dangerous offenders. As well as people who need to back in school because they aren't going to make it as criminals and we can't afford to house them indefinitely.