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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

David Pakman Show: "Chicago Teachers Strike Enter Day 3, No End in Sight": Why Paying Good Teachers Well is a Good Thing

Paying good teachers well I don't believe is the problem, I believe even Conservatives could see why thats a good thing. Even if they are Public Teachers, especially in a city like Chicago of roughly 3M people, the third largest city in America, also one of the wealthiest cities in the country. They do a lot of things well and have a high cost of living as a result, if we can afford to pay Members of Congress. People who work half the year 150K$ a year, then we can afford to pay other Public Servants, people who work hard for a living, military personal, Law Enforcement Officers, scientists. Teachers six figures, as long as they are doing a good job that the Tax Payer investment that we've invested in them, is paying off for the community especially the students. Now paying bad teachers 100K$ a year when maybe half of their students knows what they are being teach or half of them graduate High School etc, is a bad thing for obvious reasons. We don't pay teachers so they can pay the bills, we pay them to do a job and when they are doing their job, their students are learning. Not some of them but the overwhelming majority of them are learning the subject matter and graduating High School and so fourth, thats a good investment.

As far as the Chicago Teacher Strike, I don't live in Chicago and not that familiar with that story. Other then what I've heard from National News sources and of course you have Progressives defending the teachers and Right Wingers bashing the teachers, they don't care about. The students and so fourth with is the Right Wing spin but it seems to me from a far, 1500 miles away, that September would be the worst time of the year to have a Teachers Strike. That these issues should've been worked out over the summer and during the last school year, because the only people. That get hurt in all of this, are the students who I'm sure most of them don't see that right now, except for maybe the nerds that are addicted to schoolwork or something. And it seems to me again looking from 1500 miles away that the teachers and the Emanuel Administration have forgotten that.