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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Center for American Progress: David Madland & Kira Walter- Top 6 Policies To Help The Middle Class That Won't Cost Taxpayers a Penny

Source: CAP- U.S. President Barack Obama- 
Source: Center For American Progress: David Madland & Kira Walter- Top 6 Policies to Help the Middle Class that Won’t Cost Taxpayers a Penny

Instead of taking the approach of how can we empower government to take care of everybody or take care of the people who are currently struggling and create all sorts of new government social programs, I'm going to take the approach to quote Jerry Maguire, how can I meaning government in this case help you. And I would add to that what government do to empower the millions of Americans who need it help themselves. And have the same freedom both economic and personal that the rest of the country has.

And it gets to things like infrastructure investment rebuilding this country,

Universal lifelong education and job training so all Americans always have the ability to improve themselves.

Tax reform so we have more companies investing more money in America, especially American companies. And we tax people based on what they take out of society not what they contribute to society.

And a national energy policy that finally moves this country towards energy independence by utilizing our vast menu of natural resources.

So if you are looking for the Next New Deal, keep looking I'm sure you'll find it.

If I were to write an Economic Bill of Rights for the United States and I may do that for this blog in the future, it would be about education and the right to organize for all workers, but that all workers would also have the right to not join a union and operate as a free agent. And not subjected to union dues, but just wouldn't get the benefits that come with being in a union as well.

The education part is also key that all Americans would have the right to a lifelong education no matter the income level or their parents. Always having the ability to get themselves the skills that they need to be successful in life. But then being held accountable for what they do with those opportunities for good and bad and in between. So what government would be telling the people that they everyone in America whois physically and mentally able would have the ability to be successful in life. No longer stuck in poverty because they come from and live in rural or innercity America.

What government will also do is subsidize people's success and for any American who is working would always make more than Americans who are unemployed.

And universal access to education and job training would especially be available. For people who are not working, but need to be, too young or without the resources to retire.

We have an economic system like this and real tax-reform that taxes everybody by what they takeout of society, instead of what they contribute to society and we would have a true liberal democracy. I know Social Democrats and right-wingers hate that term, but get use to it. Where all Americans would have access to both economic and personal freedom.
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