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Thursday, September 1, 2011

"State vs. Defense: The Cost of Militarization": The Waste of the Federal Government

Here's another reason why the Congressional Join Committee on Deficit Reduction as I call it, which is because I don't know the official name of it. And I'm not just saying that just to be funny, its also the truth. Because groups on the Far Left, just look at this video have already bought the Democratic Members of this committee. Not to do a damn thing to reform the Federal Government in general, because they know that would come with Spending Reductions. Especially in the areas of Entitlements and other Social Insurance Programs, where of course they believe there is no waste. Either they actually believe that or just want to believe that but that represents a big enough problem to Entitlement Reform to kill it. And then of course you have groups on the Far Right who've already bought the Republican Members of the Joint Committee. To not consider any Tax Hikes especially on the wealthy who can afford but no one in general. Including in areas of Tax Reform, including doing such common sense things like closing wasteful Tax Loopholes and Corporate Welfare. This won't work because the Far Left believes that even if there's such a thing as "Government Waste", that everyone else on the Political Spectrum. Believes is obvious and the only question is where and how much. But the Far Left are socialists so they won't be seen as putting down government as much as possible. Except for in the areas of National Security, Law Enforcement and Tax Subsidy's, anything that takes money away from their Social Insurance Programs. And then of course you have people on the Far Right, Neoconservatives who don't believe there's such a thing as Defense Waste or Law Enforcement Waste. Won't even acknowledge terms like Corporate Welfare or Tax Loopholes, except for Tax Credits that help the Working Poor. To keep them working and not collecting more Public Assistance.

This is not possible at least in this political climate, the Democratic Party still has to deal with socialists in their party. And the Republican Party still has to deal with Neoconservatives and theocrats in their party. And the two fringes of American Politics, the Far Left and Far Right will kill whatever possible deal that could come from the Joint Committee. But you get some reasonable liberals and conservatives together, people who understand that a 14T$ National Debt and 1.8T$ Deficit is too high. And that everyone in the Federal Government who deserves to be punched in the face and take a hit. Should do so because there's plenty of waste all over the Federal Government but this problem. Could be fixed in just three areas, defense, Entitlement Reform and Tax Reform. Bring our troops home from Europe, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea. Use that money to pay down the debt and deficit and demand that those countries defend themselves. Essentially transform our Entitlement System into a Welfare System that would only be for people who need it. And demand that people who can afford to pay more into it. Tax Reform, Tax Hikes on the wealthy in the short term, but long term close most if not all Tax Loopholes and tax more but at lower Tax Rates on everyone in the long term.

Our debt and deficit problem as far as I'm concern is fairly simple to solve, you go where the money is and get more out of what your spending by doing less. But the problem is thats not possible because the adults aren't in the room of the Joint Committee. Except for John Kerry and Max Baucus. And the fringes are in charged instead.

Click on the link of the blog to see a not so objective video on Defense Waste