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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Al Jazeera Inside Story: "Is the promise of democracy fading in Egypt?"

What looked like a real shot at bringing Democracy to Egypt and finally ending Authoritarian Rule in this large country of 80M people. That has a lot of potential for the future, if their government gives them the freedom to achieve it. Looks like its stagnating as the Military Establishment in Egypt has become its effective ruler. And they are starting to have crackdowns on the Democratic Protesters in Egypt as well as crackdowns on Coptic Christians in Egypt. A Religious Minority in Egypt, instead of returning Egypt to Civilian Rule. The Egyptian Military has established a Military Ruling Council for the entire country of 80M people. And the Democratic Opposition sees this for what it is and is now protesting against the Ruling Council. Because I believe they see the Ruling Council as Mubarak Regime Plus, as people who want to reestablish another Military Dictatorship there. That would cooperate with the West in the War on Terror in order to stay in power. Thats exactly what the Mubarak Regime did in its thirty years in power and how they stayed in power. With all the Foreign Aid it received that they used to defend the country and their regime. From terrorism domestic and foreign, before the Democratic Opposition couldn't take it anymore.

President Hosni Mubarak trying to install his son as the next President of Egypt, was probably the last straw so to speak. The thing that set them off, after the bogus General Elections that they had in 2010. That returned President Mubarak and his "National Democratic Party" back to power. Which probably doesn't look much different then the Communist Party in Cuba politically. With little if any Political Opposition in Parliament. What Egypt should be doing with either the Military Council or with a National Transitional Council that would be made up of civilians. That would be like an Intern Cabinet with an Interim President and Vice President. Until the new Constitution is written. And a new Administration and Parliament is elected, is moving in this direction. Move the process of getting their Constitution written and holding Fair and Free General Elections. Which is what the Democratic Opposition wants and I believe the Egyptian People as a whole want as well. What looks like is happening instead is that the Military Council is stalling for time. Until they can get the new Military Dictatorship installed instead.

For the Arab Spring to be real and be a real Democratic Movement, it has to be more about then eliminating old Authoritarian Regimes. And replacing them with Democratic Governments as well and so far the Democratic Opposition is only half way there. With still having a long hill to climb.

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