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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Judge Saves Americans from President Obama's NDAA: Another Bad Week For Big Government

If you know anything about the US Constitution, Indefinite Detention on its face, sounds Unconstitutional. I don't care who the President of The United Sates is, Democrat or Republican, the US Constitution and our Constitutional Rights as Americans trumpets all of that. Thats what America is built on, the US Constitution and The Rule of Law, Indefinite Detention that is, the Federal Government. Being able to detain Americans indefinitely, without being charged for a crime , or having access to a lawyer or any other Constitutional Rights that all potential suspects. Have just for being American Citizens, just because Uncle Sammy believes John or Susan or whoever, generally its someone named Ahmad or some other Middle Eastern name. That gets held under Indefinite Detention believes the person or people are Terrorist Suspects, they don't even need a warrant or a Court Order. They just need what's called Reasonable Suspicion, which is a broad term , under Indefinite Detention to hold Americans under Indefinite Detention.

Its not the fact that President Obama is a Socialist, which he is clearly not, where his critics score points against him for being in favor of Big Government. Its these key Social Issues and Civil Liberties where his critics have valid points in accusing him of being in favor of Big Government. Like Indefinite Detention, the Patriot Act, the War on Drugs, he just recently came out in favor, well officially anyway, of Same Sex Marriage. And President Obama's justification for these strange positions, especially for a Democrat. Is wait to I'm reelected and then I'l start behaving like a real Democrat, protect Civil Liberties and all of that, which is the very least we expect from Democrats. Well if this is the case and we knew this going in, Barack Obama doesn't get elected President in 2008, Democrats wouldn't of backed him. Because they would've said, what's the difference between Barack Obama and John McCain.

In other Big Government News, Rhode Island has approved Medical Marijuana and New York State, not the Nanny City of New York but the State itself. Thanks to Governor Andrew Cuomo an early favorite at least as far as I'm concern for the 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination. Is moving to decriminalizing marijuana, that is New Yorkers wouldn't get arrested for possessing at least small amounts of marijuana. So a good week for believers in Individual Freedom, which all Liberals are and a bad week for Big Government.