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Friday, March 22, 2013

The American Prospect: Opinion- Christopher Ketcham- U.S. Out of Vermont: The Socialist Republic of Vermont?

Source: The American Prospect-
Source: The American Prospect: Opinion- Christopher Ketcham- U.S. Out of Vermont!

What I respect about Vermont is that even though they are basically the Socialist Republic or State of Vermont and I’m not as far to the left of them on economic policy, but I probably tend to agree with Vermonters on social issues, is that they represent socialism in it’s best form. A liberal democratic form in the sense that they aren’t trying to run people’s personal lives. And they believe in a good deal of personal freedom, even economic freedom. That is they aren’t trying to takeover industries with the state and have the state run them, but that they believe in a generous welfare state or safety net. Combined with economic and personal freedom. But the perhaps the thing I respect about them the most is that they are Federalists in a progressive sense. “We like socialism, but we don’t want it coming from the Federal Government. We can govern ourselves.”

Vermont is the roadmap for national Progressives (or Social Democrats) and Progressives in other states in their quest (or fantasy) to transform America into a social democracy. A socialist-liberal-federalist roadmap. Which means a high deal of personal freedom as long as you aren’t hurting innocent people with what you are doing. A high deal of economic freedom with things like property rights, you just have to pay high taxes on them to finance a generous welfare state. But that the State of Vermont would be doing these things for Vermonters, not Uncle Sam with it’s top down Washington knows best approach. And they also aren’t going to try to force Vermonters to live a certain way even for their own good. And give Vermonters the ability to make decisions and take risks with their own lives.

Social Democrats in America having been trying to transform America into a social democracy at least since the New Deal era. Thinking that centralize planning and control at the Federal level works in these European countries that means it will automatically work here as well. And that Americans will accept it even if they didn’t vote for it. What they don’t understand is that America is simply a hell of a lot bigger and more decentralize and more individualistic. And that top-down tends to not very popular, but gradually moving state by state like in Vermont, could accomplish what Progressives (or Social Democrats) have been wanting all along which is basically a social democracy in America.
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