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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TVO: Allan Gregg Interviewing Noam Chomsky- 'The Conscience of America'

Source:Allan Gregg- Professor Noam Chomsky, talking to Canadian talk show host Allan Gregg, about American foreign policy.
"Noam Chomsky - Conscience of America."

Originally from Allen Gregg

You can call this the The New Democrat Doctrine, or the Derik Schneider Doctrine, there you have it my name. But this is what American foreign policy would like in a Schneider Administration. (God help us) Perhaps a scary thought from your point of view, but it's not very often that I agree with author and academic Noam Chomsky. Even though I do consider him to the one of the most articulate Socialist Libertarians in America. But on foreign policy and national security, I tend to agree with Professor Chomsky. As far as what's America's Role in the world which is what this blog is about.

Even though I wouldn't call America a "Terrorist State" even in during the George W. Bush Administration. Because simply I disagree with that to suggest a 'Terrorist State' would suggest that America is in favor of terrorism. We've never been in favor of terrorism. Now we have supplied people that we thought were on our side, that later turned out to be terrorist organizations. Like Al- Qaeda in Afghanistan in the late 1970s and 80s. But that's about bad judgement. Not being in favor of terrorism, which are two different things.

Noam Chomsky has used rhetoric that to me at least sounds anti-American. Like calling America a Terrorist State. And suggesting that we are as bad as the people we are against or going after. Saying things like Barack Obama is a Neoconservative or bought by Corporate America. Basically using socialist propaganda against the President. I actually wrote a piece about that back in March about a lecture he gave about President Obama.

To me what America should be doing in the world and here is the Schneider Doctrine, is protecting American national interests. Not trying to govern the world or selecting government's for other countries. Helping our allies sure, but only when they need our help. So World War II yes I believe that was a good idea and justified. Same thing in the first Gulf War in 1991, the 2nd one no. Because there was simply not there, there. The inspectors on the ground said that the Hussein Regime didn't have a nuclear weapons program and didn't have any weapons of mass destruction at the time.

When we learned that Iraq didn't have WMD, because they were eliminated by UN weapons inspectors in the late 1990s, it became obvious that war and took the position in middle to late 2003 that we need to get out of there as soon as possible. Mission Accomplished at least the original mission and lets go. Help Iraq develop their own government, but not be an indefinite force there. I supported the War in Afghanistan in 2001-02 because the Taliban Government there were protecting the terrorists that were responsible for 9/11. And still feel that war was justified.

But again Mission Accomplish it's time to move on. Our involvement in the Korean Civil War and our involvement sixty-years later, I'm still against. Because it's none of our business and South Korea can defend themselves. The Vietnam War again another Civil War I'm against, again none of our business. The so-called domino theory that if one country goes authoritarian, a bunch of other will follow and try to attack America and become serious threats to us, doesn't hold leaves let alone water.

The only time I would be in favor of America getting involved in another countries civil wars, is when ethnic or racial genocide is being committed and we can make a positive difference there. Which is what was happening in World War II obviously with Nazi Germany trying to eliminate all of the European Jews. Or what Slobadon Milosovic was doing in Yugoslavia in the 1990s to Albanians and Bosniaks and Croats. And other Slavic people's, because he wanted a Serbian Yugoslavia without other ethnic groups. Sort of how Adolph Hitler wanted Germany to just be made up of only ethnic-Germans.

And where America can do something about that and where we can work with our allies in the region to do something to stop that. And where we have a good shot at winning and not losing a lot of American lives. So invading Iran because they may obtain nuclear weapons would not be something I can support. America has to look after America and work with the rest of the world to look after the world where we can and it's in our interest. But we can't govern the world by ourselves, because, we are only one power.