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Friday, August 19, 2011

Conservatism vs Libertarianism Brian Doherty: Similar but not the same

When I look at Political Ideology's as a Political Junky and as a blogger, as a liberal myself I have more respect for the Political Ideology's that respect Individual Freedom and the US Constitution. And I'm not just talking about Economic Freedom but Social Freedom as well, the ability not just for people to make their own economic choices in life. But how they live their own lives as a whole, who they can marry, what they can do with their money, what they can do to their body's, make their own Health Care choices etc. And that brings me to liberalism obviously but in this blog I'm going to focus on the differences between Classical Conservatism, the Barry Goldwater's, Ron Reagan's, Everett Dirkson's, Bill Buckley's, Bob Dole's of the World. And libertarianism the Ron Paul's, Peter Schiff's, Milton Friedman's of the World as well, libertarianism and Classical Conservatism also being Political Ideology's based on Individual Freedom and the US Constitution where they both believe which is were americans get their freedom from. And that people essentially have the right to be stupid and let birds fly to chart their own course in life. And that they shouldn't get bailed out for their bad decisions either. I got this idea for this blog from a friend of mine on Facebook and they know who they are and I'm dedicating this blog to that person.

First what do Classical Conservatives the Rand Paul's of the World today have in common with libertarians the Peter Schiff's of the World today. Respect for the US Constitution and Individual Freedom, the idea that our Founding Fathers who were made up of libertarians and liberals when they wrote the US Constitution pretty much got most of it right when they wrote it. And that they wrote one hell of a document and that Constitutional Amendments that have been written since improved the Constitution. But that its a great document for anyone who believes in Liberal Democracy and that excuse the expression. That we shouldn't dick around with it and try to limit peoples freedom. Like Constitutional Amendments to ban homosexuals from getting married or taking the power away from the people to decide who we can for vote for to represent us in Congress. Or pass laws that are Unconstitutional like the Patriot Act that violates the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution as far as I'm concern. That what the Federal Government can do is already laid out for them in the US Constitution and that Congress can't pass any law that they want even if it might be popular. If it violates the US Constitution, which is what separates Classical Conservatives and libertarians from Democratic Socialists. Socialists who I believe see the US Constitution as more of a Advisory Document then anything else and have a collectivist approach to politics rather then an individualist approach. And the Constitution is basically an Individualist Document centered around Individual Freedom to begin with and this gets in the way of their politics.

The differences between Classical Conservatism and libertarianism has to do with the economy and Foreign Policy. Classical Conservatives prefer a Free Market and decentralization approach to our Welfare State opening up these Social Insurance programs to the Free Market. Giving the people a choice in how they consume these programs, Social Security and Medicare being perfect examples of this. And letting the States take over the rest of our Social Insurance programs, Welfare Insurance, Unemployment Insurance and Medicaid being perfect examples of this. Where libertarians want government out of the economy all together and see all of these Social Insurance programs as Unconstitutional. When it comes to Foreign Policy, Classical Conservatives aren't Neoconservatives obviously and see our Foreign Policy as having to do with protecting our National Interests around the World. And not getting involved with other countries conflicts like Civil Wars or promoting our form of government around the World either. Where libertarians tend to be isolationists on Foreign Policy and only want us to use Military Action when we are directly under attacked.

Classical Conservatism and libertarianism are both similar Political Ideology's because they are both based on Individual Freedom and the US Constitution. But they are also different in a sense because libertarianism is borderline Anti Government and perhaps just a couple steps away from anarchism. Where Classical Conservatives want government there to protect innocent people from the harm of others. So innocent peoples freedom isn't compromised.

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