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Friday, December 7, 2012

American Prospect: Steve Erickson: "I Was a Teenage Conservative": Some of The Differences Between Liberalism and Conservatism

I Was a Teenage Conservative

I can see how someone could go from a Liberal to a Conservative or vice versa, one's center left, the other's center right. You are basically taking one step over to the other direction and both ideologies are built around the same values. At least in the United States, individual freedom, the US Constitution, people should be judged based on their qualifications. Not by race, ethnicity, gender and so fourth, both believe in strong national defense, internationalist foreign policy. We both believe in American Capitalism, are differences are sorta in the details of what the role of government should be. How much the wealthy should be taxed, how government should help people who need it, if at all but we share. The same values, unlike lets says a Socialist and a Libertarian, where except for maybe some social issues. And foreign policy depending on what type of Socialist the person is, its hard to find any areas where they might agree on anything. One essentially believes in a superstate, the other believes in a small state.

But how someone would go from a Conservative to a Social Democrat/Democratic Socialist Progressive, someone. Who looks up to Senator Bernie Sanders and speaks highly of Democratic Socialism and the welfare state. And what government can do for the people and so fourth, which is the transition that Arriana Huhhington. The publisher of the Huffington Post did about ten years ago, is a little hard for me to believe, going from someone. Who was center-right on the American political spectrum, to someone whose more far-left on the same spectrum. Is a little hard to believe, you go from being a individualist someone who believes that people should be free to. Live their own lives and take out of life what they put into it, to someone whose a collectivist, that we as a people. Are no stronger then the sum of all our parts and that we need a central government to put a lot of the resources of the country. In one pot, so we don't have anyone who doesn't have enough and so fourth.

Going from an individualist to a collectivist, someone who believes in individual freedom, to someone that. Believes that a Democracy is a community that we are all part of and when we allow people to go out on their own. Some people will end up being a lot more successful then others and that we can't allow people to live their own lives. Because they might make mistakes, so in some cases we may need to protect them from themselves, is a little hard for me to buy. Unless they always had those feelings and perhaps weren't aware of it.