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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Salon: Politics: David Sirota: How to Turn a State Liberal: How to Expand The Democratic Party in America

How to turn a state liberal

Some Democrats may say that since the Democratic Party now controls the White House and the upper chamber in the U.S. Congress meaning the U.S. Senate. And with the shape of the current Republican Party with the changing demographics that the U.S. House of Representatives is next by 2014-16. That Democrats can now relax since Republicans are having such a hard time nominating acceptable and. Mainstream candidates to run statewide in Federal elections let alone national Federal elections. That Democrats can now relax and watch the Republican die off and watch us become the permanent. Governing party in America without much if any opposition sorta how the Democratic Party was in the 1930s and 1940s. But anyone familiar with American politics knows that the only thing thats permanent about it, is that nothing is permanent. That the parties and politicians that are successful are the ones that grow and adapt to how the country changes. Not necessarily changing their positions and policies but adapting their message to be able to communicate to new voters. Which is what Democrats will always have to be able to do no matter how much political power they currently have.

The Democratic Party went through huge revolution in the late 1980s or so after losing 5-6 Presidential elections from 1968-88. Because they were seen as too far to the left on economic and foreign policy and crime and punishment. After the New-Left emerged in the Democratic Party in the 1960s thanks to the Great Society and the Vietnam War. And gave the Democratic Party a real Social-Democratic feel thats more common in Europe even today then it is in America. As the country was moving to the right on economic and foreign policy and crime and punishment. And as big government and high taxes were becoming more unpopular, Republicans capitalized on that took it to the bank in the late 1970s and 1980. And won back the White House as well as the U.S. Senate in 1980. Democrats are obviously are not in that position today, we control most of the power in the Federal Government. Even the U.S. Supreme Court if you look at their recent rulings.

But what Republicans are going through right now at the Federal level, is what Democrats are going through at the state level. Where Republicans control 30-50 governorships and a solid majority of state legislatures as well. And even control Democratic states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Nevada. And swing states like Ohio and Florida which should be pretty friendly for Liberal-Democrats who aren't looking to tax and spend. But to free up people so they can live their own lives by expanding economic freedom to the people who need it. Which is at the core of economic-Liberalism and also there are more Democrats then Republicans so Democrats are underrepresented politically as far as power in. This country and need to successfully adapt to that in order to finally win back states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida and Nevada. States that should be Democratic and not Republican, even New Jersey has a Republican Governor.

The future of Democratic-Liberalism is through young voters who tend to be Liberal-Libertarian and pushing social issues. Like marijuana to use as an example, gay marriage, right to privacy to use as examples. And an economic-Liberal message thats about expanding economic opportunity to those Americans who don't have it in a fiscally responsible way. That doesn't try to control people or make them dependent on government or expand government but expand freedom to those people who don't. Have it but need it and thats how Democrats win back the U.S. House and win back governorships and legislatures that should be there's to control in the first place.