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Friday, December 23, 2011

John Stossel vs Michael Moore: Socialized Medicine: Pros and Cons

This blog is not about bashing Cuba or Socialism, I'm actually going to point out a few things that the Castro Regime does well. Considering that they are a Third World Country, remember Third World, America First World. The richest country in the World but having said that, Cuba does have a pretty good Education and Healthcare System. But they have a terrible Economic System main reason why they are a Third World country. Despite their Educated Class, their Natural Resources, all of the money they could be making with a Tourism Industry alone. I mean they are pretty decent size island in the Caribbean with beautiful Cuban Women and everything else. If they just invested those resources in the economy. Established a large Private Sector with restaurants, hotels, Sporting Events agriculture, their Energy Sector, food. I would love to try Cuban Food at some point and if they just installed what I would call Cuban Capitalism. Or Raul Castronomics, to go along with their Welfare State. You could be talking about a First World country maybe within 20-30 years. Depending how they established Rule of Law, so Cuba doesn't become like Russia during the Yeltzin Administration. Where they basically had Cowboy Economics where the new Private Company's went to the people with the best Federal Government connections. They could do all of these things, even if they were to stay a Communist Republic with one party rule and perhaps end up becoming like Hong Kong.

Having said all of that if you read FRSFreeStates on a regular basis or just read my blog last night on Healthcare Reform. You know by now I'm not a Socialist and I'm not making a case for Socialism. What I'm arguing for and what the Castro Regime is trying to install in Cuba right now. Is an Economic System that would work there and I believe the Scandinavia Model of Democratic Socialism. Where people would have the ability again with their Education System to chart their own course in life. And then their Welfare State would still be there for Healthcare, Health Insurance and people who fall through the cracks of the economy. I wouldn't want to see that type of Economic System in America as a Liberal Democrat. Where we have the Freedom of Choice to make a lot of these decisions for ourselves. Whether its for Healthcare, Health Insurance, pension etc. But in a country of only 11M people where they are probably used to a heavy dose of Big Government and Uncle Fidel. Their system would work their if they privatized a lot of their economy and give the Cuban People a chance to see what they can do for themselves. Instead of Havana trying to Centrally Plan Everyday Life in Cuba.

I'm glad I haven't seen the Sickco Movie by Michael Moore, probably could've gotten better information from Russia Today or Fox News. Which aint say anything, sounds like Big Mike got a lot of his information from the Communist State about Cuba. And already had a pretty good idea what he was going to say in his movie. And just used to the Castro Regime to back up his views that he already had going in.