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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sam Seder: Mitt Romney Foreign Policy: "An Anglo-Saxon Must Lead America!": What Right Wingers want Americans to Think About Barack Obama

I"m not a mindreader or 8'0 tall or from the planet Jupiter or speak Arabic, Hindi to go along with Japanese and English, in case any of these things weren't obvious enough. And the memos weren't sent out to everybody but if I were to guess what Mitt Romney was trying to say today about Anglo Saxons and how they relate to Britain and America. And granted trying to read the mind of the Flip Flopper in Chief is difficult but if I had to guess what Mitt was trying to say today with that statement. Is that America should never forget its Anglo Saxon Heritage in the fact that, the American Colonies came from the United Kingdom, in the sense that they use to be part of the UK and that there are still millions of English Americans in this country. As well as other European Americans and people of mix race like Barack Obama that have British blood in them. And the history that the United States has with the United Kingdom, if thats the case fine, so be it, kinda guilt of stating the obvious there. But thats a hell of a lot better the Michelle Bachmann who has a habit of missing the obvious even when it punches her in the face, her intelligence and knowledge. Is highly unimpressive and if this is what Mitt was trying to say and I'm sure he'll retract what he said today later, then fine.

If what Mitt was trying to say that America must always be led, meaning the President by an Anglo-Saxon. And he's said a lot of strange things before but I think its pretty clear by now Mitt Romney is not a racist, then he has a problem, saying that non Anglos aren't qualified to be President of the United States. And with a statement like that he can forget about courting Latin, Asian or Jewish Americans to vote for him and this will also turn off a lot of Anglo Independents as well. See Neoconservatives want Americans to believe, that Barack Obama is Un American, essentially unqualified of being President, they tried this in 2008 and had almost no success. In large part because John McCain the Republican Presidential Nominee, didn't buy into it and since Barack has been President they've been trying the same thing, trying to paint President Obama. As some type of Social Democrat trying to make America into the Europe of North America.

Over fifty million Americans voted for Barack Obama to be their President in 2008, including winning thirty five States. Including Bible Belt States like Virginia and North Carolina and to a certain extent Florida from Tallahassee down to Central Florida is part of the Bible Belt as well. And are so furious that someone whose clearly not like them, well educated for instance, is President of the United State and have been trying to undermine President Obama ever since.