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Friday, July 29, 2011

RT America: The Aloyna Show- Armand Biroonak: US Uncut- Progressive Tea Party?

Source: RT America- Armand Biroonak-
Source: RT America: The Aloyna Show- Armand Biroonak: US Uncut- Progressive Tea Party?

The Coffee Party or as I would describe as the democratic socialist version of the Tea Party, but coming from the left with the Tea Party being a mixture of left and right, libertarians on one side, a lot of Ron Paul supporters associate with the Tea Party. But the Tea Party also has a Far-Right Faction in it coming from Theocratic Christians. But the Tea Party came on the scene against Wall Street bailouts, corporate welfare, debt and deficits. That the economy is in the toilet, the Federal Government is too big including our entitlement programs and what they believed America needed was for the Federal Government to spend less, tax less, stop borrowing for it's operations and give Americans less government and more liberty. It had strong libertarians themes to it especially in 2009-10 when they weren't about social issues at all, before the Michelle Bachmann's of the world took over. The Coffee Party is clearly not libertarian except perhaps on some social issues.

But The Coffee Party believes in things like democratic socialism, protecting the welfare state and if anything expanding it. Expanding the Federal Government to solve America's problems, not cut it. That the debt and deficit is not the issue, that lack of economic and job growth is the real crisis. And that one reason why America's economy has struggled now. is because the Federal Government is not big enough and doesn't spend enough money. Even though we are at now 3.7% or 25% of GDP and borrow 40% of every dollar that the Federal Government spends. But if we were more like Sweden or Britain, that spend 50% of their GDP's on it's central government. A lot of our economic problems would go away. That would be the thinking of the social democratic left. So you have two competing political ideology's here, you have more of a libertarian or classical conservative Tea Party and hopefully they'll get back to that or stay that way. That says the Federal Government spends too much and if they just cut back and taxed less and gave people more liberty.

The Tea Party saying that if Uncle Sam was smaller and consumed less, then his nephews and nieces could solve their problems on their own. Which is coming from the right. And and a social democratic Coffee Party on the Far-Left that says our main problems is that the Federal Government doesn't spend and tax enough and should do more of that on everybody. Not just the wealthy, they have more of a collectivist approach instead of an individualist approach to politics. These are two competing factions that could hold both the Democratic and Republican parties hostage. (So to speak) In the sense that if they don't do exactly what they want, they could destroy the major parties within. Or threaten to leave the major parties all together and walk out and from their own political parties. The debt ceiling debate is a perfect example of this. The problem that a Coffee Party has is that they represent the Far-Left of the country. And there's a short ceiling to what they can do in America and the type of support that they can come up with.