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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ForaTV: Video: Debate: Are The Rich Taxed Enough in The United States?: Depends on How You Ask: What a Fair Tax Policy Looks Like

There's a legitimate argument from the right that there should be a limit to what government from all levels should tax the rich and people in general. So people not only have the money to meet their basic needs and pay their bills but also so they can enjoy life. Both things that are necessary to have strong economic and job growth and that we have to keep taxes down also. To encourage people to work hard and be productive and the right especially supply siders. Generally cut that rate off at around 33% or 1/3 of peoples income and thats a fair point but I don't. Agree with all of that and then Progressives further left of me argue that government not only needs. To be big enough to meet the basic needs of society and perform the services that they don't trust. The private sector to provide and that government also needs enough revenue to insure that some. People don't make a lot more money and others even if they worked hard and earned it. And if you get an honest answer from Progressives and I'm not suggesting they are dishonest but their ideal. Tax system would be to scrap most of the current tax loopholes in the Federal tax code and raise taxes on everyone. Going back to the Eisenhower tax rates ranging from 25-90%.

Of course you ask classical Libertarians what they believe is the ideal tax system. They would say of course not to have a tax system at all and that most of the things that government. Does is Unconstitutional anyway and I can pretty much leave that argument there. Now if you are going to ask me as a Liberal who does believe in the importance of economic freedom and. Fiscal responsibility, otherwise I wouldn't be much of a Liberal because nobody would trust me with. Their money, is that we want a tax system that promotes economic and job growth, another words people working hard and being productive. And taxes us based on what we consume from society, not what we take out of society and if you are a. Conservative, Liberal, Progressive or even Libertarian, you should prefer this tax system at least over the current tax system. Or at least it has aspects in it that you like. Because it gives Americans the ability to decide for themselves what they should pay in taxes, because it taxes them based on what they consume and. Not what they produce.

Why should Progressives like my tax system, because the rich would end up paying more then they do today. The middle class would end up paying less, so maybe they wouldn't like that and consider those people selfish. Even though they are trying to take more money from people working hard just to pay their bills. And this system would also eliminate most of the junk, the waste in the tax code, corporate welfare. Or being able to deduct state and local sales taxes from your income taxes. My tax code is very simple and productive because everyone would pay it as soon as they buy something. And at the end of the year we could still have tax deductions for things like charitable giving but the junk in the code would finally be. Thrown out into the garbage where it belongs and no longer would people have to pay income taxes. For making, creating jobs and so fourth because the income tax would be gone.

This is not an ideological argument because the fact is we need people in America to be productive and to work hard. Or at least be very productive, whether they are tired when they go home every night I guess is a different story. And because of this we need to stop penalizing people for being successful in America. And instead charge them when they consume something in this country instead.