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Friday, August 3, 2012

"GOP Ready for National Strip Conference?": The Neoconservative Family Values Party Looking to Get Off

This is easily the most ironic and funniest story I saw today, even funnier then a story that Birther group. Is filing a new challenge in court to question whether the President of the United States, an American Citizen, key words if you are counting at home being President of the United States and American Citizen. Whether President Barack Obama is an actual American Citizen but the fact that the supposed Family Values Party, the Party that looks at life and politics based on their interpretation of the Bible. Is going to hold its National Convention where they'll nominate their next Leader, in the Capital of Strip Clubs, one of the holiest of sites for the Adult Entertainment Industry. An Industry that Neoconservative Republicans have been trying to outlaw, to go as far as offering Constitutional Amendments to ban pornography in America. At least two of their Presidential Candidates got behind that proposed Constitutional Amendment, Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum. And yet I'm sure they'll both be in Tampa for this convention, hopefully they'll both get lost and end up going to a Tampa Strip Club by accident, thinking its a Baptist Church by accident. With their combine intelligent levels thats not unlikely.

This really looks like a story for the Onion News, this just in the anti Adult Entertainment Party holding its National Convention. In the Strip Club Capital of the United States if not World, thats just as crazy as hearing the reasons for high unemployment is because one man. Has 10K jobs and because of that there are simply not enough jobs to go around, its very hard to take seriously. It sounds so crazy that it must be true, thinking that there isn't anyone with an imagination that wild but this story is from RT America, which of course we know everything from them is true. Actually I can't say that without laughing but hopefully you get the point. I can see it now Southern Baptists hold a meeting in Tampa the week of the GOP Convention. A stripper walks into their meeting by accident or is invited by one of the Ministers, you know one or the other. That would really change the complexion of the GOP and a lot of Americans would learn how big of a collection of phonies they really are.

The Republican Party as much as they speak out against Big Government, has already been exposed for supporting Big Government. About as much if not as much as Democrats, I still give a slight edge to Progressive Democrats on this who want our money to take care of us. And tell us what political speech is acceptable and what we can eat and how we can spend our money. But at least Big Government Democrats are honest about their leanings and don't try to hide them. Whereas Big Government Republicans want to control how we live and then actually do the things they claim should be illegal, Strip Clubs being an example of that.