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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Scott Walker SACKED by Packers!": The Last Shot Fired at Governor Scott Walker

Probably the most popular institution in the State of Wisconsin and not its not the cheese factory or Wisconsin University but the Green Packers. Or perhaps we can call then the Green Bay Backers for Tom Barret, ha ha get it, obviously an NFL Franchise, perhaps the most successful NFL Franchise historically, its between them and Da Bears! If you add up wins and championships, but enough about football, even from me, have taken an official stand for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, the only big city Mayor in Wisconsin. Or at least a stand against the Anti Union, Anti Organizing, the Anti Assembling Neoconservative Governor of the Progressive State of Wisconsin. A State where a lot of the American Socialist ideas have come from but a State thats moved to the right over the years, the election of Scott Walker for Governor is an excellent example of that.

Wisconsin looks like a State that looks like is waking up to the fact, that workers have rights, even workers who aren't rich, as well as workers that work for the State and that they shouldn't have to be at the mercy of the State or Private Enterprise. Not just ordinary Wisconsinites but the Green Bay Packers themselves and not just their player who are members of Organize Labor but the Management as well. I hope to God even though I'm Agnostic, that somehow Mayor Barrett somehow pulls out this election tonight. I'm a Liberal Democrat and Pro Organize Labor but I haven't seen any evidence that he's going to win. All the polls I've seen have Governor Walkers at least with a slight lead but the momentum at least is behind Tom Barrett.

You would have an easier time finding a ocean in Wisconsin, then someone who's not a Packer fan so maybe this puts Barrett on top but again how many people take the Political Endorsement of a Sports Franchise. I guess we'll find out tonight and maybe there's an upset in the making.