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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sen. Bernie Sanders: "My Medicaid Matters Rally": The Socialist Vision of Health Care Reform

Before one celebrates how great the Medicaid Health Insurance program, is they should understand that its a bare bones operation. Meaning that it only covers certain things and not other things, including Health Care that people may need to survive. Its very expensive for the States to run and for the most part do run this program. With not much help from the Federal Government who make them run it, States don't have a choice. If the FEDS don't come up with the money, they are lets say stuck for lack of a better word. And have to find that missing revenue for themselves. Medicaid is the definition of an Unfunded Mandate, its free Health Insurance for people who live in poverty. As well as disabled people who live in poverty as well, without its own Revenue Source . Making it even more expensive to run for the States because they have to fund it out of General Revenue. Especially when the FEDS don't pay their fair share which is every year and its even harder to fund in this slow economy. Where revenue of course is very tight and everything across the board including Health Insurance is getting cut across the board. Including the Health Insurance of Public Workers and perhaps one reason, is to so States can cover their Medicaid Costs. To cover the costs of people who don't work for a living or can't afford their own Health Insurance. At the expense of the people who work very hard for a living and aren't rich or wealthy either. And one of the reasons why they work for government, is because of the benefits. So before you speak very high of Medicaid, why don't you find a way to reform it, because anyone in their right mind. Would pay for other Health Insurance instead of Medicaid if they can afford it.

As far as Single Payer Health Insurance another word Medicare for all, as I've argued before I'm against it and I'll tell you why again briefly, The way to bring down Healthcare Costs is pretty simple to me and its all about Personality Responsibility. One by taking care of yourself so you don't have to consume as much Healthcare as people who don't. Government can help here by subsidizing good behavior and taxing bad behavior. Two choice and competition, let people decide for themselves where they get their Health Insurance just as long as they do that. Through either Health Insurance or a Health Savings Account and not past those costs on to other people. And this could include a Public Option as well, I've been arguing for a Public Option in Health Care. Both in insurance as well as doctor care for three years now, as long as its not run by government, but operated independently of government. America is not a Majoritarian Democracy where the majority of people can rule over the minority. This is not a Socialist Democracy either, we live in a Liberal Democracy. Where If the majority of people wants Public Health Insurance and Healthcare. They would have that right in my system. But the minority would still have the Freedom of Choice to decide where they get their Health Insurance and Healthcare as well. With Freedom of Choice Health Insurers would have to compete with each other and deliver the best service possible. To get the most customers as possible. And three through proper regulation and that means a Patients Bill of Right like in the 2010 AFA.

What socialists who obviously support Medicare For All, needs to understand that there best way to achieving what they want. Is through Liberal Democracy and the market, two things they tend not to be fans of. Instead of forcing and mandating people on Medicare. Which how socialism generally operates, even Democratic Socialism which I have a bit more respect for. Bring them into Medicare and their propose Health Insurance Monopoly. By convincing them that their way is best and that government actually knows best and better then the people how to live their lives at least in Healthcare. And show them why they believe Medicare For All would be the best system, by taking it to the people and all of the people. And let the people decide for themselves how they get their Health Insurance and Healthcare. By convincing them and also drop this Top Down approach to Health Care Reform. By trying to get the Federal Government to force it on everybody and go State by State, with a grassroots approach. Look at what Vermont is doing and of course this approach would be slower but at least you would have a shot at succeeding. Because you would be attempting to convince people in a Liberal Democracy that your approach is best through Freedom of Choice. Not by force and mandate.

The future of Medicare For All is through Vermont a State by State grassroots approach and taking it to the people. And if you can convince the other forty nine States that your approach is best. Then socialists would accomplish at least one of their goals that they've been fighting for since at least the 1930s. By taking it to the people instead of trying to force it on everyone.

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