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Thursday, October 6, 2011

RT America: Christine Frazao- Progressives Fight to Launch Tea Party of Their Own

Source: RT America- Leftist political activist Van Jones 
Source: RT America: Christine Frazao- Progressives Fight To Launch Tea Party of Their Own

Van Jones had the best line at this whole event. When he said he wasn't mad at the Tea Party and the broader conservative movement for being so loud. But he was mad at the progressive movement for being so quiet. And that's exactly been the problem for Democratic Socialists in America. While the Tea Party has been so loud and been organizing going on three years now, Socialists have been sitting back and staying home. Not going to work, not writing their blogs, appearing on TV and radio shows that are ideologically comfortable for them.

Take MSNBC, PBS and NPR just to use as examples and perhaps you picked up another clue there, not voting taking the 2010 mid-term elections where House Democrats lost the House. (Thanks a lot Socialists) And now we have a Tea Party run House of Representatives. Thanks to the Tea Party and Democratic Socialists and we actually have to have debates on whether we should close the Federal Government or not or raise the debt ceiling or not. Hearing questions is Sarah Palin the most influential public figure in America or not. Is Michele Bachmann going to be the next President of the United States or not. All because they believe President Obama is not progressive or socialist enough for them.

Had today's so-called Progressives did better research on Barack Obama's biography when they all supported him in 2007-08, they would've known that Obama's socialist leanings are very limited. Barack Obama would never ever be confused with Bernie Sanders or Ralph Nader. Barack Obama is basically a Bill Clinton/Jack Kennedy Progressive Democrat. Not a Henry Wallace Democratic Socialist. That's what he was four years ago and what he is today. As a result of sitting on the sidelines and watching other people come into power, the Tea Party all 70 plus of them in the House the not so Progressives in America have lost influence in the Federal Government.

So its good for the so-called Progressives to finally stand up and get organized behind a movement and an agenda. And hopefully they'll remember to vote in 2012. And they'll organize their own movement that's made up of a bunch of different political action groups. Not one unified organization raising money and recruiting candidates to advance their cause. Democratic Party or they form their own Progressive Party. Which they have the people for in DSA, the Green Party and the Democratic Party. There's an old saying that I like a lot, that basically goes like this. "If you don't vote you don't have the right to complain". And if you sit at home, you watch the world go by without you. And hopefully this is a lesson that the Far-Left are learning right now and will learn from it. And not make the same mistakes in the future.