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Saturday, September 22, 2012

CBS News: GOP VP Nominee Paul Ryan: A Romney-Ryan Administration Would be "Tough on Castro"

Sure why not go out of your way to appease the Cuban American vote in Florida, that generally votes Republican anyway. If the Romney/Ryan Campaign really has to remind Cuban Floridians that they are with them on Cuba, then they really are in trouble in Florida, a State where they are currently. Trailing and might have to win to win the White House.

RTAmerica: "Wealthy Welfare": UK to Freeze Benefits as Inflation Bites

Republicans in Americans assuming they are still capable of learning, probably not a safe bet at this point. Should look at the British model when it comes to Austerity Economics and look at how bad the UK Economy is right now and perhaps reconsider if thats the model they want to push in the. United States that has an economy thats much better off then Britain's right now.

Salon: Final Surge, Americans Troops Leave Afghanistan

Final “surge” troops leave Afghanistan

America is finally getting the Hell out of Afghanistan and its time that Progressives give President Obama credit for it

AlterNet: "Don't Be Fooled by Pot-Loving Libertarian Gary Johnson: He Works for the 1%"

Don't Be Fooled by Pot-Loving Libertarian Gary Johnson -- He Works for the 1% | Alternet

What Progressives gotta remember about Gary Johnson, is that even though he's with them on marijuana and Civil Liberties. He's not one of them, he doesn't believe in Big Government at al, he doesn't want an expansive Federal Government but to make it a lot smaller then it is today across the board. He's not an Economic Progressive or a Progressive at all.