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Friday, June 29, 2012

"The Good & The Bad About The Supreme Court ACA Ruling": Where Progressives Lose On The Commerce Clause

Not to sound insulting but the bald guy in this video nailed it, when he said that this ruling is good. In the sense that Switzerland has figured out how to get to Universal Health Insurance, with a private Health Insurance System, which is a fact sorry Progressives get use to that. The rest of the Industrialized World does not have a Socialize Health Insurance System. There are actually probably more countries that have private Health Insurance, then don't. And every time I hear someone say that America should have Socialize Health Insurance, because the rest of the Industrialized World has it. I'm going to correct them and I'll probably do it on my blog, we can have our own opinions but have to share the same facts, thats how the World works. Germany like Switzerland, another country with a significant German population, to say the least. A little shout out for my people, has a completely private Health Insurance System, Germany a country that Socialists love and point to. Has a completely private Health Insurance System, a country of over 80M people, with the fourth largest economy in the World, largest economy in Europe. The 2nd largest economy in the Western Hemisphere, private Health Insurance System. Not even America has that, we have a mixture of both.

To get to the Commerce Clause, bad news for Progressives and good news for everyone else, where they believe the Affordable Care Act is Constitutional or not. Because the Supreme Court ruled that the ACA is not Constitutional based on the Commerce Clause, which is the argument that Progressives. Going back to the FDR Administration have always used to grant the Federal Government power into the economy, to create the Federal Safety Net and to expand it under the LBJ Administration. The ACA was ruled Constitutional based on the Taxing Power of the Federal Government, which was added to the US Constitution back in 1917 or 1918, sometimes I wish I was a lawyer. Which means that Progressives in the future are going to have a hell of a time passing their Big Government agenda, all of the new Social Insurance Programs. I'm sure they would want to add to the Federal Government. They are going to have to find another way.

Great news for Liberal Democrats because we've shown that we can get damn close to Universal Health Insurance. Without taking away Americans choice in how they get their Health Insurance and as I've said before, the ACA is just a beginning. Hopefully we'll have a Public Option in the future but Medicare For All, looks dead right now, unless you get a Progressive in the White House with a Progressive Congress. That has large majorities in both the House and Senate.