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Friday, September 28, 2012

Current TV: Viewpoint With Elliot Spitzer"For Right Wingers, a Last-Ditch Campaign Strategy, Prayer": What a Post Romney GOP May Look Like

I'm sorta off to a bad start with this blog, because this is not the Mitt Romney GOP, its the Rick Santorum/Michelle Bachmann GOP. Mitt Romney is like the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran but is President of a different Theocracy, when it comes to today's GOP, that yes to a certain extent. Is about religion but most of all its about a faith in an ideology, where political beliefs outweigh facts, we believe we can cut taxes and raise spending by trillions of dollars at the same time and that. It will work, even though its never been successful before or since, we believe that Iraq has WMD, even though we don't know where they are and can't find them and thats just a couple of examples. My Iranian reference goes to the fact, that the President of Iran, is a position and man without power. The President is more of an advisory figure or ceremonial but the real power in that country resides with a dictator, the Supreme Leader, whose name I couldn't spell or pronounce, if it. Was right in front of me and someone else pronounced it correctly, so I'm not going to take a stab at it, besides I would probably stab myself by accident, ha ha!. Mitt Romney is the Leader of the GOP but unless he does what the Far Right of the base wants him to do, he doesn't get any support.

If I had to guess, I would say that the GOP Leadership, not including their Puppet in Chief Mitt Romney. Have concluded that Mitt is not going to win, that his campaign is already DOA and that its just a matter of how much he's going to lose by and that they are giving him one more opportunity. To look like he can actually win, which is Wednesday night, that if there's no change in the election or Mitt bombs in the debate, that they are going to pull their resources out of the Romney Campaign. And concentrate on Congress, mostly saving the Republican House, especially if Mitt loses in an Electoral Landslide, because I don't believe they think Mitch McConnell can win back. The Senate with Mitt Romney losing, that they are going to cut their losses and focus on the House and it will just be matter of if Mitt makes that same calculation, that instead on focusing on. The Presidential Election, he'll instead spend campaigning for House and Senate Republicans, similar to what Bob Dole did in 1996 but we'll see.

Majority Report: Sam Seder: George Bush More Popular Than Mitt Romney!

Its a fact, President Bush's Approval Rating right now is at 46%, compared with Mitt Romney at 43%

Salon: Sorry, it’s not Mitt Romney’s Fault: Trying to Lead a Party of Children

Sorry, it’s not Romney’s fault

Wow the second time in the last two weeks I'm sorta standing up for Mitt Romney but its true, Mitt is 20-30. Years past his time as far as the Republican Party, the GOP as it stands today is not the GOP that Mitt grew up with. And was a member of as a young man and as an early middle age man and someone who was finally elected to Public Office in his mid fifties in 2002. This is now a Far Right party that sees Americans of today as Un American, if they don't look at the World the way they do and people who don't belong. In America, its no longer a big tent party, that can win all across the country but is essentially made up of people, who are aren't accustomed to being with people who aren't from their community and see these people. As Un American and Mitt finds himself having to try to appease to these people, while looking sane and tolerant to the rest of the country and its just something that can be done. Because the fringe he needs to vote for him, are completely different from the rest of the country and its sort of an either-or proposition. You can't please both.