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Sunday, November 11, 2012

The David Pakman Show: Is the Republican Party As We Know It Gone Forever?

The Republican party as we see it today will be gone within ten years, they'll either go out of business. End up being either a minor party where the Democratic party has complete power for a long time or another major party will come in. And replace todays Republican party but today's GOP is gone within the next ten years, they'll become different and be able to appeal to more voters. And move the Neoconservatives out of power or to the back seat in the GOP or the GOP will go out of business. As a major party in American politics, because todays demographics only benefits Democrats when it comes to major political parties.

The Real News: Paul Jay- Interviewing Bill Black: 'Drums Beating to Privatize Social Security'

Source:The Real News Network- TRNN., talking about Social Security reform.
"Bill Black: A group of Democrats called "The Third Way" are working with President Obama towards the "grand betrayal" on social security."

From The Real News Network

I'm not for full privatization of Social Security. I want to guarantee all money thats paid into it to be paid out to the people who paid into it once they retire, meaning I wouldn't allow workers to take money out of current payroll taxes to invest in their own Individual Retirement Account or IRA. But what I am in favor of is what's called Social Security Plus, something that Congressional Democrats proposed about ten years ago.

Under Social Security Plus, current payroll taxes the way they are as it relates to Social Security, but allow workers to voluntarily increase their own payroll taxes by let's say an additional three percentage points to let's say 9%, where they could take 1/3 of that which would be matched by their employer. If they work for themselves , then they could increase their own payroll taxes by 6% and people could use this money to create their own IRA out of Social Security Plus, to invest as they see fit through another job or other investments, stock market and so-forth. Tax free but they wouldn't be allowed to spend any of that money until they are eligible to retire.

We have two problems as I see it as it relates to Social Security: a long-term funding issue with Social Security. And a problem with our pension system where Social Security is still being depended on to keep retirees out of poverty. Where what we could be doing instead is empowering people to set up their own pensions and be able to retire more comfortably. So we don't have so many people on Social Security in the future who can't live without it.

Salon: Paul Waldman: Is The Right Wing Media Killing conservatives?

Is the conservative media killing conservatives?

The Right Wing media is making Conservatism look like something that its not, as if Conservatism was crazy. Doesn't believe in social freedom, because its statist on a lot of these social issues as well as intolerant of people. Who weren't very prominent in America sixty years ago, when Conservatism is really about conserving individual freedom, not subtracting it or limiting it, defending the US Constitution. Rather then trying to amend it and welcoming of new Americans, rather then treating them as Un American or as. Invaders from other countries that don't like us, what passes as Conservatism today, looks almost like the movement. That Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan built in the 1960s and 70s.