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Friday, September 7, 2012

The Daily Beast: "Representative Dennis Kucinich Disappointed by President Obama's Jobs Record": Congress Losing a Progressive Lion

There's this old saying that when a politician is getting hit from both wings, left and right, especially the far left and far right. And both of these sides are disappointed with this person, that the person is probably somewhere in the middle and not extreme enough for either side, I'm paraphrasing this saying. But thats pretty close, thats a good way to describe Barack Obama, Progressives don't like President Obama because he isn't a Socialist, which is what they were expecting. Him to be when they threw their support behind in 2007-08, the far right especially Neoconservatives doesn't like President Obama, for several reasons. One because they believe he's a Socialist, two they believe he's a Muslim, three they believe he's an African Muslim, four they believe. He's an Illegal Immigrant from Kenya and probably don't even buy the fact that Barack Obama is half Caucasian and celebrates St. Patrick's Day because he's something like a quarter Irish. I swear most of Barack Obama's enemies and thats exactly what they are, are either current Mental Patients or escaped Mental Patients or former Mental Patients who are currently off of their medication.

I'm not saying that Barack Obama is a Centrist I definitely don't believe that but he's certainly not extreme either way. He's not a Socialist, he's not a Neoconservative and he's not a Corporatist, he's a Moderate minded Liberal, sorta in the classical sense as it relates to Foreign and Economic Policy. That government can't do everything as it relates to the economy, that it shouldn't be trying to run things or heavily taxing industries and individuals, so the Federal Government. Has more authority and revenue to take care of people but he's not an Economic Conservative either, that the Federal Government should have little to no role in the economy either. He believes that the Federal Government has a role in providing opportunity for people who don't have enough of it and need it, so they can get themselves the skills that they need to take care of themselves. So in this sense he's an Economic Liberal.

I call Barack Obama a Moderate Liberal not because as it relates to Economic or Foreign Policy but as it relates to Social Issues. On issues as it relates to National Security, Patriot Act, Indefinite Detention, the War on Drugs, up until recently Same Sex Marriage, where he has more Big Brother leanings. Which are the main reasons why Liberal Democrats such as myself are unhappy with him. But President Obama is clearly not an extremist, either right or left.

My Footage: This is Adlai Stevenson- 1956 Presidential Bid

Adlai Stevenson For President-
This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal

Adlai Stevenson running on what would later be known as the Great Society in the LBJ Administration. He wanted to expand the safety net in America and perhaps even go further than the Great Society and social insurance and even create America's first welfare state. Where the Federal Government would become primarily responsible for taking care of the welfare and well-being of the people. Which is what the New-Left of the late 1960s and early 1970s wanted to create in America. But when Adlai ran for president in 1952 and 56, he was basically running on what would be called the Great Society. Government guaranteed health insurance for the elderly and the poor. And more Welfare for people who were struggling in America.

There wasn't ever any real shot of Adlai defeating a very popular Army General in Dwight Eisenhower who commanded allied forces in Europe and defeat General Eisenhower for president in 1952. Or much of an opportunity for Adlai to defeat a popular president in Dwight Eisenhower in 1956. What I believe was the real motivation for Adlai running for president in 1952 was to expand the progressive movement and to give Progressives real issues and policies to run on against then Vice President Richard Nixon in 1960. And in that case Adlai's 1956 presidential campaign was pretty successful. Because then Senator Jack Kennedy ran on those social insurance and economic issues when he ran for president in 1960 and defeated Vice President Nixon.