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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Debt Ceiling Offer From McConnell: Great joke if he wasn't serious

Just when I was starting to believe that Mitch McConnell was one the most skillful Senate Minority Leaders of all time and perhaps the most skillful Senate Republican Leader, at least going back to Bob Dole or Howard Baker. He offers a Debt Ceiling plan that manages to offend the left and I'm one of those people but not part of the Far Left but thats a different blog. As well as the Right Wing and Far Right, people he actually needs in order to keep his job and hopefully one day for him get promoted to Senate Leader instead of Minority Leader. If and when Senate Republicans manage to take control of the Senate again. His plan is as dumb as its simple, it says that if the President and Congress, don't reach a Debt Ceiling agreement by August 2nd. When we are currently scheduled to default if an agreement isn't reached, that the President unilaterally could raise the Debt Limit on his own. Be able to borrow the 2T$ thats needed to raise the Debt Limit. And I believe there is actually a catch to the McConnell plan, that by October Congress would be able to weigh in again on the Debt Ceiling that the President of course would have to approve. The President has already made it clear that he doesn't want to use the Constitutional Option on the Debt Ceiling so to speak, that instead wants to reach a Grand Bargain with Speaker John Boehner and Leader Harry Reid on a Debt Limit increase but also a Deficit Reduction deal with Congress as well. But would use the Constitutional Option if he's not able to reach an agreement with Congress and he's well within his right to do that. But also it would look bad politically and sorta make the President look like a dictator, if he unilaterally borrowed and additional 2T$. Especially since he and Congress have already put 4T$ on the National Debt in 2 1/2 years. Not all of it their fault but its all happened on their watch. The only reason why I could see Minority Leader McConnell offering this plan, is to have something else to use against President Obama to make him look like a "Big Spender" and Fiscally Irresponsible. The problem though that it would be McConnell's idea that he would be acting on. The McConnell plan is another example of DOA and would never pass either the House or Senate or get signed into law.

In just the last week we've seen Leaders from both the House and Senate offer Debt Ceiling plans that they know or should know. Have no shot in hell of passing and becoming law. Instead of working together to find a solution to the Federal Government's debt issue, which is one of their jobs to help solve problems that the Federal Government faces. And right now no one in Congress in Leadership is earning their six figure salary for their part time jobs.

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