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Saturday, November 19, 2011

RT America: The Alayna Show- Kevin Zeese: The 99 Percent's Deficit Plan

Source: RT America-
Source: RT America: The Aloyna Show- Kevin Zeese: The 99 Percent's Deficit Plan

It looks like Occupy Wall Street finally has an agenda and it's pretty clear where they are coming from on the political spectrum. Their leadership (if you want to call it that,) they are really made up of a bunch a different progressive (actually social democratic groups. Has put something on the table an agenda that I'm assuming they want to see passed. It clearly won't happen in this divided Congress, but in the future if that I would label their agenda that Harry Truman and others having been trying to pass since the FDR New Deal. And the LBJ Great Society, what's been called the Fair Deal, which is the next step after the New Deal and Great Society. Universal health care and health insurance provided by the Federal Government through a single payer health insurance. What's called Medicare For All and outlawing the private health insurance industry and all other health insurance plans. Putting the entire country of over 310M people on Medicare. As well as forgiving all consumer debt in what's called debt forgiveness for the middle class.

They want higher education for all again provided by the Federal Government. What OWS calls tax fairness returning to the days when they believed the economy and society had more equality and repealing all of the Bush tax cuts, of the last ten years, the Reagan tax cuts of the 1980s and the Kennedy tax cuts. JFK who was a Liberal Democrat and a political hero of mine from the 1960s. Returning to the days of 90% tax rates with lowest tax rate starting at around 25% . And establishing what's called employee ownership of private industry. Making employees stockholders of the company's that they work at. So now we have what the Tea Party agenda is, going back to the Federal budgets of 2008, getting the Federal budget at around 18-20% of GDP. And perhaps taking it farther back then that to pre-New Deal of the 1930s. Turning Medicare into a voucher system, establishing private retirement accounts for Social Security.

OWS and perhaps the Tea Party, would like to pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq, repealing the Patriot Act, basically making the Federal Government about 50% of the size that it's now. Repealing most if not all tax deductions and corporate welfare and moving to a flat income tax system. And Occupy Wall Street wanting to make the Federal Government at least twice the size that its now. Perhaps even taking authority away from state and local government's to give to the Federal Government to take care of a lot more people as they would put it. So we have the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street representing both ends of the political spectrum. Clearly giving American voters especially Independent voters a choice in who to vote for. Probably not a choice that they want and would choose something else, but at least it's a choice. The advantage that the Tea Party has over Occupy Wall Street is that they have a lot more sway in the Republican Party.

Occupy Wall Street has has a lot less influence over  Democratic Party Leadership. Now that Occupy Wall Street has an agenda, they'll be able to recruit their candidates around it. And have something to run on in 2012. Because part of this is definitely taking the House of Representatives from the Republican Party. And perhaps helping the Senate Democrats hold on to the Senate. They haven't been very serious about recruiting a presidential candidate to run against President Obama. Which gives them more credibility in the Democratic Party, because that would probably crush whatever momentum they have. But to get their support, Democrats now know what to support to get it. I'll give OWS credit for one thing. hell of a lot easier to bitch and complain about what you're against. Especially if what you're against is unpopular and you're somewhat of a populist. But leadership wouldn't be difficult if it didn't require laying out your own ideas and a vision that you want followed. And taking the risk that it could be unpopular. And OWS at least has somewhat of an agenda now.