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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thom Hartmann: "Brunch with Bernie"": Talking about Disaster Relief

When Natural Disasters like Hurricane Irene strikes with was awful for the Northeast and New England ironically as that might sound. I believe most americans, perhaps even some libertarians believe thats a time for the country to come together. And help the victims of these Natural Disasters and help them rebuild their communities. The question is how, who should have this responsibility, who should be in charged of our Disaster Relief and I'm talking about Disaster Cleanup and Disaster Insurance. Should we put most of the power in the hands of the Federal Government, the White House and Congress. And let them decide how much relief the victims of Natural Disasters should get. Run by FEMA the Federal Emergency Management Agency or should we decentralized this power and let more people have a role in how this done. Especially the people on the ground of these disasters and the other question I would ask is how should our Disaster Relief be paid for. Should we wait for these disasters to happen and then of course let the Federal Government declare it an emergency. And let them borrow the money that it takes to pay for our Disaster Relief and put that money on the National Debt Card. And take out a loan from Russia or China as we have always done in these situations. Hurricane Katreena of 2005 being a perfect example of this, where we borrowed something like 100B$ a year or more to pay for the Disaster Relief there. That we are actually still paying for today six years later and we can probably thank FEMA for that as well. Or should we since we don't even have to be physic to see this coming, because we know every year just because of the huge country that we live in. And where we are located that since we know these storms are coming every year, should we put the money down ahead of time. And pay for the disasters that we have to cleanup. I believe we should decentralize our Emergency Management System and bring more people in on it and pay for these disasters before they come up.

Lets let Florida, Vermont, New Jersey, California, Maryland of course the people on the ground and our Private Sector have a role in our Disaster Relief. And even bigger role and pay for our Disaster Relief and Disaster Insurance by the people who benefit from them. With a Payroll Tax to cover Disaster Insurance that the people can decide for themselves who they pay for it. And a Property Tax to pay for the cleanup, Disaster Insurance System that each State would set up for themselves that would have to meet basic Federal Standards. And with this Property Tax, leave up to the State and Local Governments to handle this cleanup with this Property Tax. And they could contract out parts of the cleanup with an Open Bid Process to handle the work. The taxes would be based on worth of property and risk for property. With each State collecting this Property Tax for themselves instead of going to the Federal Government for the money that they should get. With the Federal Government playing the role of a regulator.

Its not a matter of if we should help the victims and areas that get hit by these Natural Disasters or not, at least as far as I'm concern. But a matter of how we should pay for it and who should be handling the cleanup thats the questions. And in an era of bad economics and tight budgets, this is a debate we should have as a country.

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