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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Does Truth Matter At Fox News, Megyn Kelly?": Why Fox News is False Advertising

Unless you agree with Fox News and like their commentary and thats exactly what it is and like what they report. And if you are lucky you might find a couple of actual reports on FNC each day, keep looking you might find one by accident if nothing else. When you hear that label of Fox News "Fair and Balanced", how you not laugh at that when you hear it, I mean think about it what is false advertising. Advertising something you say that you do or sell, that you actually don't and in most cases, you know you don't sell what you say that you do. And example of that would be like someone selling gasoline as a healthy drink or McDonalds Big Macs and fries help reduce obesity. Things that are completely false or C-Span claiming to be the Worldwide Leader in Sports News, would be another example. Fox News is in the business of selling what's left of the brand name of the Republican Party and to speak to and speak up for allies of the GOP, pure and simple.

Fox News are obviously not going to admit this, they do for Right Wingers what MSNBC does for Progressives in America. As well as putting down the other side, underplaying positive things from the opposition and overplaying negative news from the opposition. So to hear FNC's Megyn Kelly claim that Democrats and the Obama Campaign lie, is hard to take seriously when no one knows when was the last truthful thing she said about Democrats