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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CBS News: Longines Chronoscope: With US Senator Hubert H. Humphrey

Hubert Humphrey is a Progressive Democrat that I actually have a lot of support for, not that I agree. With him on all of the issues, because I don't, I believe he sorta had this Utopian idealistic view of the World, at least as it relates to the economy, with his Economic Progressivism. But he was a solid Liberal Democrat on Social Issues, at least with the issues he dealt with when in Congress and took those positions to the Vice Presidency and ran for President on. Those issues as well, Civil Rights, Equal Rights, Right to Organize, a strong anti Communist and so fourth, he was a little late in the game in coming out against the Vietnam War but he was Vice President. At that point but he could've resigned as well and just had run for President full time but he was a solid Liberal on several of these Social Issues. And if you look at the Hubert Humphrey from 1954, when this interview was done, it was the same Hubert Humphrey from 1968, when he. Ran for President, the same Hubert Humphrey, who was the Assistant Leader in the Senate, when Congress finally passed Civil Rights in 1964 and Voting Rights in 1965. His consistency was always there, the Hubert Humphrey you saw in 1948, was the Hubert Humphrey that died in 1978 ideologically. And for this he deserves a lot of credit and respect for that.

Current TV: The Young Turks: Libertarian Gary Johnson on 3rd Party Candidates

What third party Presidential Nominees should do, is form their own Presidential Debates, C-Span would. Probably cover it and maybe PBS and CNN would pick it up as well, thats how they would get national attention, the person who doesn't look insane in third party debate, with all do respect. Would come out of it a lot stronger.

Salon: GOP Voter Laws Getting Walloped by The Courts

GOP voter laws getting walloped by the courts

The GOP strategy to win elections, is frankly getting its ass kick, because its Unconstitutional and a solution in search of a problem.