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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thom Hartmann Show : Tim Carpenter of PDA Organizing Democratic Socialists

I've been arguing in previous blogs that Democratic Socialists since Democratic Socialists don't like the current Democratic Party Leadership. In the White House, Congress and Democratic National Committee etc. Since the Democratic Leadership are Left of Center Liberals including President Obama and Vice President Biden. And that people who call themselves Progressive Democrats who tend to be Far Left socialists, Democratic Socialists and Socialist Libertarians. That since the Far Left doesn't like the Democratic Leadership, instead of just complaining about the Leadership. They should try elect more of their members to office, Congress, State Offices, Local Level etc. Instead of just running one of their members from the House of Representatives for President every four years. Because they don't like the frontrunner, because they are too mainstream and appeal to Independent Voters. And Tim Carpenter the Head of Progressive Democrats of America understands this. Which is why he's trying to recruit and elect more of his members across the country. To run for Public Office and running for State Office would be a good idea as well.

Democratic Socialists in America don't have enough of their members elected to Public Office. Which is why they haven't been able to get more of their agenda heard and passed. And are only in the Democratic Party so they can have a voice and a small voice at that in a major Political Party. Because they are a small minority in the party. Liberal Democrats hold most of the major Leadership Offices in the Democratic Party because they can get elected Statewide and nationally. Because Independent Voters don't see them as Tax and Spenders and Soft on Defense and Crime etc. Stereotypes that Democratic Socialists in America have been stuck with for over forty years now. So going forward if socialists want to have a bigger voice on the Democratic Party, they have to elect more of their members.

For Democratic Socialists to get their agenda passed and become law in America, they have to get more of their members elected. And not just to the House of Representatives and later run one of their Reps. for President. But get elected to the Senate and Governor and other State Offices as well. Get some Executive Experience in the Public Sector but Private Sector as well and put a record together that can show they are responsible with money. And can run large organizations, because its rare that socialists get elected Statewide in America. The Bernie Sanders of the World doesn't come around very often in this movement.

The main problem with the Democratic Socialist Movement in America and I haven't even gotten into their policy's yet. I've done that in the past and will argue against them in the future as well. But their main problem is that they don't have enough of their members elected in Public Office. Especially Statewide and Tim Carpenter understands this and is trying to change it.

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