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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Russia Today: The Aloyna Show- Alyona Minkovski: Labor Union Membership Down

Source: Russia Today- Alyona Minkovski-
Source: Russia Today: The Aloyna Show- Alyona Minkovski: Labor Union Membership Down

There are several factors why union membership is down in the United States.

More people are frankly getting better educated and working white-collar jobs than they did thirty, forty and even fifty years ago. And don't feel the need to be a member of a union. Because they believe they can negotiate their own pay and benefits on their own. And especially don't like being forced to pay union dues, when they aren't a member of that union.

The country has moved farther to the right the last forty years and has elected public officials that aren't in favor of organized labor and if anything would want to outlaw it. As we've seen especially in the Midwest with public workers unions. But some of these Neoconservative Governors, (as I call them) like Rick Snyder in Michigan and Scott Walker in Wisconsin, would probably go even farther. They would and outlaw organized labor all together if they could.

Corporate America now has better lobbyists working for them and have become better at lobbying public officials to make sure their interests are met and of course they don't tend to like organized labor as well.

There use to be a time that organized labor in America, could pretty much count on the Democratic Party to do their bidding, because they wanted their politicians reelected obviously. That all changed in the late 1970s under President Carter and President Clinton if anything took that a step farther in the 1990s.

The country has moved right and the Democratic Party is no longer dominated by the Progressive Caucus and it's allies. It's the liberal party in America and more progressive than the Republican Party. (Which isn't saying anything) But no longer believes, unless they are so-called Progressive Democrats that aren't going to get much if any support from private business, feel the need to be in the pocket of organized labor. And feels free to seek support outside of the so-claled progressive movement. Democrats are still pro-organize labor and the right to organize, but don't feel the need to do what unions want them to do.

The future of organized labor may no longer be in the Democratic Party. And if they want to remain a major force in American politics, may have to look at some of these so-called progressive third- parties and even work to form a large third-party. That will stand for it's interests and members and will go to bat for them. Because Democrats now are much more broader party and no longer anti- private enterprise and use that rhetoric outside of the Progressive Caucus and Occupy Wall Street.