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Friday, May 25, 2012

Guard Killed In Riot At Private Prison In Mississippi: The Price of Private Prisons in America

I wrote a couple blogs last week about For Profit Private Prisons in America and I'm writing another one again about them tonight. And hopefully if you haven't figured it out why, by the end of the blog you'll know why. Private Prisons are For Profit Corporations, they are in business to make money, not provide a good service for Tax Payers and they may save us some money in the short term. But we pay a heavy price for them in the long term, because the people who serve time in them, unless the Private Prison, finds a way to keep inmates indefinitely. And these Prisons are always looking for ways to extend Prison Sentences, these inmates are going to get out. And in most cases end up even worse then they were going in, because these Prisons are run so cheaply, imagine serving time at a POW Camp or someone place like that. Where at best you are provided with the basic needs in order to survive, if that and in the case of this Mississippi Private Prison, they aren't even given that.

Inmates shouldn't be starving themselves and they shouldn't be starved by the Corrections Staff. They need to be in an environment, where they can do their time, even if they are lifers, in an safe as an environment as possible, while still being able to do their time. And for the inmates who get out, be able to prepare themselves for life on the outside and you can't do that if your forced into Slave Labor. Which is what you get at a Private Prison, Prison Labor of course is a good idea but they should be paid for the work that they do. For one so they can pay for their Living Expenses, two be able to send some money home and also to be able to pay back their victims. But also so they can get some valuable work experience, that they can take with them, once they are on the outside.

You set up a Corrections System like this, there's no need for Private Prisons, because then Public Prisons could then be Self Financed. And you wouldn't see strikes and riots happening like this in the future for the most part, because there wouldn't be any need for them. Because inmates would be in an environment, where they could do their time.