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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Prison Industrial Complex": What a Corrections System should be for

If you look at the term "Prison Industrial Complex", a term I've never used in by blogs. You should know what that means, people and company's make money off of our Corrections System. And lobby for new laws so more people can get arrested and then be rewarded with new Private Contracts. To build new Prisons, which is one reason why we have so many laws in America. A lot of them I would call "Bad Laws" but another reason why we have so many "Bad Laws". Is because there's this in attitude in both the Republican and Democratic Parties. That one purpose of government is to protect People, even Free People meaning Free Adults from themselves. And when Free Adults breaks laws that the People behind these laws. Support, they get arrested and ultimately sent to jail or Prison. So you eliminate a lot of the "Bad Laws" in America. Which is what the "Prison Industrial Complex" and their allies in Congress and in State and Local Governments. Would fight very hard to the point of huge Campaign Contributions that aren't reported. As well as challenging politicians for their jobs who don't support them. We wouldn't have as nearly as many people in Prison that we have today which is around 2M. And the PIC would lose a lot of money and perhaps even take their business elsewhere. Which would be good for America but bad for wherever they were to relocate to.

The way to cut back on our Prison Population, is to eliminate a lot of our "Bad Laws". Legalize but Regulate and Tax Marijuana, Prostitution and Gambling for starters. Transfer the people who are currently in Prison for those crimes, that have solid Prison Records. That haven't committed any further felony's. To Halfway House and Drug Rehab so they can transition to life on the outside. But also do away with a big problem and one reason why we have so many Prison Inmates. Which is the Private Prison Industry, we could at least get it banned at the Federal Level. But they couldn't force States do to it, for that to happen we would need a Grassroots Campaign all across the country to do that. The Private Prison Industry is simply in the business to lock people up and keep them there. And lobby for longer Prison Sentences and for more new "Bad Laws". They have the Financial Incentive thats paid for by Tax Payers, to lock up as many Prison Inmates as possible for as long as possible. The Corrections System is there to house people who represent a threat to society and keep them. Until their Prison Sentences are completed.

You eliminate "Bad Laws" and the Private Prison Industry and send Non Violent Offenders. Who don't represent a major threat to the economy and society. I'm not talking about White Collar Con Artists or Narcotics Dealers but thieves, shoplifters. Those type of Offenders and then we work to rehabilitate. The Offenders who need to be in prison to prepare them for life on the outside. We can cut back on our Prison Population and have an affordable Corrections System.