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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

American Prospect: Social-Democracy: Scott Lemieux: Fear and the New Deal

Fear and the New Deal

This might sound strange but here's a way to link of Hugo Chavez from the Bolivar Republic of Venezuela to Franklin Roosevelt from the United States of America. Hugo a Neo-Comunist or at best a Statist-Socialist. FDR a Social-Democrat, key word being Democrat. Both presidents made their presidencies and administrations more powerful for good intentions to improve the lives of their citizens. But President Roosevelt knew that he was a Democrat and believed in Democracy and wasn't looking to turn America. Into some type of Communist Republic but inherited a weak country as far as its economy and everything. And wanted to rebuild and advance the country and by doing these things expected to get reelected. And made his presidency and administration more powerful in order to accomplish these things. I'm not saying Hugo Chavez was an evil man and perhaps not even a bad man but he was certainly a man with serious. Antidemocratic and dictatorial leanings who was interested in centralizing power in his administration and office. Because he feared losing power and what's the easiest way to stay in power, not have an opposition.

The model going forward for Venezuela if they want to be a Social-Democracy which they are not now. Right now they are sorta like a Neo-Communist state but if they want to be a Social-Democracy. Look at Franklin Roosevelt and what he did in America, they still have roughly ten million Venezuelans living. In poverty do what President Roosevelt did, spend billions of dollars on infrastructure. Building roads, schools, hospitals, bridges, airports. Business developments and so fourth and borrow that or some of that. Money if you have to, if you have a Democratically looking government, you would be able to borrow that money from other countries. Especially if you spend that money well for those priorities and hire all of those unemployed Venezuelans and Venezuelans living in poverty to do that work. But at the same time have a real media that isn't in the pocket of your administration and allow for a real opposition.

And if you bring your Progressive change to your country, you and your party will be reelected in real elections.  Rather then you can vote for the other party but only for the people who we approve or opposition is restricted. In how they can campaign and doesn't has the same access to media and so fourth as the ruling party.