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Thursday, July 28, 2011

C-SPAN: Noam Chomsky on Welfare

What is Welfare at least to me and how I define it and what would it look like if I had the power to reform it? Perhaps a scary thought for some. Pretty simple, Welfare is something that comes from what is a safety net, something that people can turn to when they’ve fallen through the cracks of the economy and can’t support themselves. Welfare is essentially public assistance for people who can’t support themselves at the time and need temporary income to support themselves while at the same time getting help. So they can get on their feet and support themselves and become productive income tax paying citizens.

I believe we need a new definition for ‘Corporate Welfare.’ Because Corporate Welfare goes to people and company’s that are doing great. And don’t give anything in return for the Welfare that they are getting through taxpayers. That also fund Public Welfare for the people who actually need the Welfare. Perhaps they should just be called corporate subsidy’s instead which is actually a real term to describe Corporate Welfare, because that’s what it is. Giving money to people and business’s for doing their jobs essentially. Producing good and services for people to buy and use.

Welfare Insurance is for people who are not working and don’t have the skills that they need to get a full-time job as well as a good job. To support themselves and their family’s. And because Welfare Insurance was reformed in 1996, people on that program now have to either be looking for work and they get help with that, or going to school to get the skills that they need to get a good job and become self-sufficient, as well as seeking work. And they get help with both of those. Food Assistance is essentially grocery insurance that people who don’t make enough money to be able to feed themselves adequately.

Unemployment Insurance is pretty self-explanatory. Money for people who are out-of-work and need temporary assistance while they are looking for another job. Medicaid is health insurance for low-income people who can’t afford health insurance on their own, or their employers health insurance. Public Housing is for people who can’t afford a home on their own and they get vouchers to help pay for a small apartment. And there are many other public programs. All these programs meet my definition of Welfare.

Public assistance which is really what this is about, are designed to help people with that actually need the help. Corporate Welfare to me is not Welfare, because it’s public assistance for company’s and individuals who are doing very well, which is a good thing. I’m clearly not a Socialist, but since they are doing so well, they clearly don’t need public assistance. And if we want to be a real capitalist economy, then let the haves support themselves and let’s help the have-nots become self-sufficient. And Welfare designed in a certain way that doesn’t make people dependent on public assistance can do that.