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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Scary: "Private Prison Presentation For Investors": Why For Profit Prisons Are Wrong

Anyone on the left or right or in beween who loves freedom, should be against For Profit Prisons, why because they go against freedom. These companies make money at the expense of their inmates and the Tax Payers who fund these prisons and it gets worse, these corproations lobby for sricter laws. And longer sentences, so people who would normally be sentenced to County Jail or probabtion or going o a Halfway House or some other environment where they can do their time. End up in prison for a lot of times for Minor Offenses and end up in prison doing time with dangerous people. And having their lives changed forever, insetad of serving their sentences where they get their freedom taken from them but can move on with their lives as well and probably not end up back in jail. These compamies lobby for more laws so more people can be sentenced to their prisons , longer sentences so their they can hold their inmates longer at our expense and for more rules inprison.

More violations so they can add on to their inmates sentences and have an interest in having a weaker economy, like now, because crime tends to be up when the economy is down and people end up getting desperate for money and end up doing things they normally wouldn't do. Its in the fiancial interest for these Prison Companies to have a weaker economy and to lobby aaginst things that can strenghten the economy and lobby for things that can weaken the economy. Its no secret that Louisiana is the "Prison Capitol of the World", they have a Private Prison Industry and their economy isn't doing very well right now and probably have stricter laws as well. So more people end up in prison, benefit to the Private Prison Industry, at the expense of Tax Payers and what do State Governments get out of this.

Yes the States have to run less prisons but have to pay at Tax Payers expense for the housing of these inmates in these Private Prisons and end up having more people in prison at their expense as a result.