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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Al Jazeera: Turkey's PM Says His Party is a Model for Others: What a Muslim Democracy Can Look Like

I don't know if the Turkish Right Wing Party, thats definitely Democratic but not as Liberal as the European Union. But Liberal when it comes to Democracy, especially compared with other Middle Eastern countries, is the model for Arab States to look at when it comes to Democracy. But the Turkish Model overall, as it relates to Democracy, that includes Individual Freedom, Economic and. Social Freedom and other rights that you see in the United States is the way to go, where Freedom of Religion is respected but where the Federal Government is secular, thats what Tunisia, Libya and Egypt should be looking at.

Al Jazeera: Venezuela Vote Result Could Impact Latin America

The Socialist Dictator of Venezuela may be getting kicked out of power

AlterNet: Joan Walsh on College Educated Progressives' Prejudice Against the Caucasian Working Class

Joan Walsh on College Educated Progressives' Prejudice Against the White Working Class | Alternet

There is this view amongst some Progressives that if you are part of the Working Class in America, that you. Are not elite enough, not sophisticated enough and not important enough for them and they look down on you. That Americans that bowl, drink non fancy beer, go to ballgames, watch Nascar and so fourth, things that tend to be popular with Working Class people, that you are not important and you should just shut. Up and let Progressive Elite run and control things, Progressives in some cases view these people as ignorant and even bigoted or even Redneck but use that word as an insult. And this is why Democrats like John Kerry and Mike Dukakis, haven't done very well with this group of voters, because Kerry and Dukakis. Were seen as elitists who didn't have a common touch and this is something that Barack Obama was able to break through in 2008 and now and connect with these voters.

Joseph Hewes: Conservatism vs. Socialism- Barry Goldwater Debates Norman Thomas: November, 1961

Source: Joseph Hewes- Conservative Barry Goldwater vs. Socialist Norman Thomas 
Source:FRS Daily Journal

It sounds like Norman Thomas who I’m familiar with the name and know he was a Socialist, but not very familiar with, but what I gather from this debate with Senator Barry Goldwater, was that Norman Thomas was arguing for democratic socialism. Not communism, or Marxism, but basically what’s common in Sweden. Private enterprise, mixed in with a very generous welfare state funded by high taxes, to help deal with income inequality and providing services they don’t trust the private sector to provide.

Debating a real Conservative in Barry Goldwater, who argued for individual freedom pure and simple. That it’s not the business of government to try to control how people live. As long as they are not hurting anyone with what they are doing. And Socialists today, ( even though they prefer to be called Progressives ) share a lot of the democratic socialist principles that Norman Thomas and other Socialists have been arguing for, for at least a hundred years now.

I think you would have a very hard time telling the differences between Norman Thomas back in the early 1960s when this debate was done and Senator Bernie Sanders today. That capitalism and private enterprise aren’t bad things and that they are even necessary. But they would argue that the problems with capitalism and private enterprise is when it comes to the distribution on wealth in America.

That the resources in the country, meaning the money in the country, tends to be aimed at the top. With people at the top doing very well. And leaving a lot of people at the bottom with not much if anything. So what you need is a central or federal government to step in and provide the resources for people who need it who weren’t able to obtain it in the private economy.

So you need, well a big government, according to the Democratic Socialist, big enough to see that everyone is taken care of. Let people make a lot of money, but then tax them fairly high so people at the bottom don’t have to go without and live in poverty. Which is where the welfare state, or even superstate comes in. That you need a big government to make sure that everyone is taken care and doesn’t have to go without. But also to provide services that shouldn’t be for-profit and be trusted with the private sector.

Things like education, health care, health insurance, child care, retirement, perhaps energy and banking as well. Plus and social insurance system for people who become unemployed, disabled, or are part of the working poor, or low-skilled and not working at all. This seems to me at least, what Norman Thomas’s politics was about.
Joseph Hewes: Conservatism vs. Socialism- Barry Goldwater Debates Norman Thomas: November, 1961