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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Real News: David Dougherty- Hundred of Community Activists Gather in Baltimore

Source: The Real News- 
Source: The Real News: David Dougherty- Hundreds of Community Activists Gather in Baltimore

So far for the most part the Occupy Wall Street movement has been exactly that. What the people in this movement are against. Not really what they would do instead, what would their alternative agenda would be. Except for a few exceptions, like calling for a "national fair wage" of 20$ an hour. College for all provided by the Federal Government and of course health insurance for all again provided by the Federal Government. (What's known as Medicare For All) And they have been pretty discipline about not announcing an alternative agenda. I'm guessing because it easy to be against Wall Street right now. Thats like being against trial lawyers, or Congress, or communism. But once it's clear you're against something, but then the question comes what would you do instead. It's easy to be against something, but harder to lay out what you would do instead. And once you're against something that has broad disapproval like Wall Street.

Again, what would OWS do instead? And once you layout an alternative agenda from what's currently being done now, a reform agenda if that progressive even, you may may lose some support and not have the same amount of support for what you're against. So that's why OWS has been very discipline in not announcing what they would do instead. And instead focus on what they are against which is Wall Street. More precisely the relationship that Wall Street has with the Federal Government. And calling for getting private money out of American politics. I've been calling Occupy Wall Street a Socialist movement from the beginning, a mixture of Democratic Socialists and Communists and if you watch this video you'll see why. You'll see people calling for "radical change" and the need to take down capitalism. This is not language coming from the Far-Right. You don't see any Neo-Nazi's in this movement, but language coming from the Far-Left the socialist faction of our political spectrum.

Again calling for things like returning to the Eisenhower tax rates ranging from 25-90%. To finance things like universal health care provided by the Federal Government. Universal higher education, again provided by the Federal Government.

Calling for a Federal fair wage of 20$ an hour.

Debt forgiveness for everyone who is drowning in consumer debt right now. Nationalizing private banks and perhaps the entire banking system.

If they were to make their whole agenda public, their support I believe would plummet. Because a consensus of Americans especially in the middle class aren't interested in paying those high tax rates. The Tea Party on the other hand were able to make clear what they were against. But come up with their own agenda and elect their members to Congress. OWS which is still fairly new hasn't been able to do that yet. I believe as OWS moves forward and I believe they will be a major factor in the 2012 general elections. The question is whether they'll be able to accomplish what they want. That they are going to have to come up with some type of agenda on their own. If they want to elect their members to Congress and win some of the Tea Party seats especially in the House. Because Senators serve six- year terms. Because their candidates are going to have to say what they are for and why people should vote for them.