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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Atlantic: David Frum- Liberal and The Illiberal Left

Source: The Atlantic-
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat Plus

Conservative David Frum and Progressive Jonathan Chait, both wrote good and interesting pieces about the illiberal New-Left in America this winter. And how hard they’ve come down against free speech and push so hard for their version of fascism, which is political correctness. I’ve called people who are so Far-Left and even see people like Karl Marx, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and others as heroes, or at least as people who are worth supporting, as the New-Left in America. And have more in common with Communists, than they would with a Liberal Democrat like Jack Kennedy. Who was always against communism and authoritarianism in general. And always a strong supporter of free speech, especially for people who he disagreed with.

This is very simple. If you don’t believe in free speech, even for people you disagree with and perhaps even find offensive, you’re not a Liberal. Perhaps you’re on the Far-Left, or Far-Right, but someone who doesn’t believe in free speech, is not a Liberal, but a fascist. The Illiberal-Left in America, are not Liberals, because they don’t defend liberal values. With Freedom of Speech being the number one value. You can’t have a liberal democracy without Freedom of Speech and Assembly. The Right to Privacy and Property Rights, would be two other keys in a liberal democracy. That today’s Illiberal-Left, doesn’t seem to either appreciate, or is even against. With their so-called political correctness movement to protect people from criticism that they believe deserves special protection from society. And this idea that people shouldn’t own things. But that we as a society should share everything.

Bill Maher, who has real socialist leanings, at least on economic policy and was seen as a hero by the Far-Left in America, before last fall when he started criticizing Islam, but who is a true Liberal when it comes to personal freedom and social issues, is a perfect example of how the Illiberal-Left tries to destroy people simply when they disagree with them. That in their little world, it is not enough to disagree with people you disagree with, because others may agree with them. So what you do is trying to destroy them and get their voice censored, so they can’t be heard. And only your side can get their message out. Which is pure fascism and something that Karl Marx would applaud, that Jack Kennedy would’ve been disgusted with.
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