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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Salon: The Next New Deal: John P. Rollert: What Barack Obama Should Say in His Second Inaugural

What Obama should say in his second inaugural

I already wrote a blog today over at of what I believe President Obama should say tomorrow. But now I'll write what I believe he will say or at least part of if and what I believe he won't say. President Obama's speech will sound like something to effect, Vice President Biden, whoever the former Presidents are. Speaker Boehner, Leader Reid, Minority Leader McConnell, Minority Leader Pelosi, perhaps acknowledge the reverend. We've come a long way in the last four years together as a country, from the depths of the greatest recession. Since the Great Depression, with millions of Americans unemployed and millions more about to lose their jobs. Where our economy was shrinking at 7%, banks falling and Wall Street running wild, millions of Americans losing their health insurance. And we acted as a country to respond to this Great Recession and the American people. Have responded under the leadership of my administration to put people back to work and rebuild this economy. And our financial system and create a new system where more Americans would have access to affordable health insurance.

The President will say something like that tomorrow but what he won't say that will disappoint Progressive/Social Democrats. In the Democratic Party and outside of the DP is a speech that will point back to Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal. And speak to a 21st Century where the next New Deal is created and the importance of not only protecting current social insurance programs. But to expand on the New Deal and Great Society and create the next New Deal, this will not be a speech. Written by Democratic Socialists, Senator Bernie Sanders and other Social Democrats won't be consulted about this speech. Or not to the point where they'll have much influence on it but he'll layout what the country has been through. The progress we've made and hopefully what's next to be done especially since he won't be running for. Reelection and hopefully what direction he wants to take the country in but this won't be a speech I'm guessing that anyone will fall in love with.